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Two Shops in one account

(Laura Weston) #1

Not sure if this is allowed or doable? I am a silversmith making all my own jewellery, but I was thinking about opening a side business selling cabochons and jewellery supplies (things a silversmith needs) etc. I’ve seen that Folksy allows supplies to be sold, but I wondered if I would have to open a separate account for this or whether I could have 2 shops running from one account? I am a plus seller so would obviously be cheaper if I could!

(Eileens Craft Studio) #2

You can either have a second shop but you’ll either have to pay per listing or pay out for another plus account for that shop or do what a lot of us do

Have one shop with different collections within it.

I sell my handmade items plus I have craft supplies in the same shop. Feel free to see what I mean and I’m sure other’s will be happy to see what they do.

(Roz) #3

I have two shops, one for my felted goods using a plus account and another for various other hand crafted items/supplies/sale items which I pay per listing. Its not possible to have 2 shops on one plus account but you can have two plus accounts or have one plus account and one pay per listing account. I’m not 100% sure but I think you may need a separate email address for the second shop.

(NiceVisuals) #4

Hi! I sell T shirts and wondered if you could advise me on the best way to slist different sizes , asking as you seem well up on Folksy shops

(Laura Weston) #5

only thing I can think of hun is to list the t- shirt, with different sizes in the description, and ask people to add a note on the order with the size they want

(NiceVisuals) #6

OK thanks I will try that, Geoff

(Joy Salt) #7

Be prepared to have to nag a bit after the orders come in without specifying the size.
Make sure you add a note to say that you can’t post out until they have told you what size … obvious I know but I can guarantee you will get customers who prefer you to guess their size :slight_smile:

(NiceVisuals) #8

thanks for the tip, I will work on my shop to include all your points. Then I have to get seen!!! LOL!