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Has Facebook totally died for anyone else?

(Emma Rogerson) #1

In the last week or two interactions on my Facebook page have taken a dramatic tumble so even my regular commentators are no longer liking or commenting. My posts are being seen by 50 or so where they were in the hundreds before. This has also coincided with a plunge in views here. Not so dramatic but bad enough.

has anyone else found this?

Emma x

(Sasha Garrett) #2

My facebook has stayed roughly the same and not much change in my folksy views either. Have you interogated Google analytics to see what proportion of your traffic here was coming via FB?

(Kim Blythe) #3

My reach has gone way down as well. Was in the hundreds, now about 70 on a good day…
I’m not seeing much interaction either…

(Yvette ) #4

I deleted my page in the end, it was such hard work trying to get people interested. So i will keep with Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

(Deborah Jones) #5

Mine seems about the same .
I lost about 50 likes when facebook did their clean up of dead accounts, but have gained 50 new real ones since.
I am reaching between 100- 200 peeps with most posts , but have less than 500 likers. I only post maybe 3 or 4 times a week.
It brings me a few good sales though.
My sales were down here last month , I don’t really keep a close eye on views.

(Emma Rogerson) #6

No that’s a good idea thanks x

(Amberlilly) #7

Facebook was yesterdays news. There are new kids on the block now.

(Joy Salt) #8


Can I recommend that you don’t put obvious ‘commercial’ words / symbols in your posts like ££pp prices for example. Facebook certainly limits views of posts containing these. I’m really careful how I word everything nowadays.
Having said that I did notice a drop in views yesterday (but that has now recovered) and did wonder if April lst posts were filling up the shares

(Susannah Ayre) #9

I didn’t lose any likes during the facebook cull thing. I’ve gained a fair few though. I find it works well for me, I’ve sold a fair few through prints through it & it’s directed people here as well.

I live in a little coastal village that gets a lot of tourists (mainly in the summer) and a page has been recently set up simply for my street. (There are a handful of shops at the top end) and I’ve had likes & sales come through that as well. So that’s good.

I don’t bombard people though- on any of my social networks. I’m not all about selling. And that seems to have struck the right sort of balance.

(Marie Allen) #10

Facebook is a dire waste of time…my reach is now down to 3! To be honest, blogging, instragram, pinterest & google+ is much more productive. I only really use facebook for personal stuff, like chit chat with my friends etc XXX

(Jo Sara) #11

I don’t think you can say that as a general statement. There are plenty of customers around on there. I was watching Alex Polizzi’s Fixer show last night. She took a failing business to a hip and trendy marketing company who were falling over themselves to praise FB as a marketing tool. I think they said it was 24 million UK users on FB per day, and a user would check their account on average 16 times a day. I’ve seen another stat that 71% of online adults use FB, against 23% using Twitter. In total there are over 1 billion active users on FB, so I don’t think it’s dying just yet.

Totally agree with this. Balance is definitely the key to FB.

In the end, it’s really horses for courses with the social media. If you don’t like a site, the chances are you won’t use it properly, so find the ones that you enjoy. There’s no point wasting your time trying to use them all if you’re not being effective on them all.


(Stephanie Guy) #12

I love facebook as a way of interacting with other artists, it keeps me sane during the day when I’m on my own. I get a lot of sales through facebook too, so maybe it depends on how you use it. I share my posts on relevant groups eg dolls house groups for my dolls house paintings. I post daily on my page and share in groups perhaps twice a week.

(Amberlilly) #13

Wish I had seen that episode @JoSara I like her, she’s a clever lady! I think for me anyway, I don’t approve of being bombarded with other people’s stuff being on my page. Fb has come from a fun interaction site for friends and family to a big advertising site where ads pop up and side columns following you to see what you are looking at. I’m not a lover of it, I used to be, not anymore. I am on pages for handmade and chat, but there are some not nice people on them, its kind of lost its sparkle for me anyway, but good luck to those who make it a success.x

(Amberlilly) #14

Love your tea cosies @biskettblue Are you in I.G. if not you could give it a try. I have had some sales from it and I am slowly builder up proper followers.

(Jo Sara) #15

I totally agree with you about those handmade promotion sites. A lot of them seem to be like for a like, which aren’t the kinds of likers you want on your page because chances are they aren’t interested in your stuff, just your returned like. I lost under ten likers in the FB cull recently, I think because the majority of my likes have been organic.

I don’t worry too much about the ads. If you search anything on the web nowadays, you’ll suddenly find it popping up in the ads when you’re in your email, or on other sites. So I think they’re all at that trick, not just FB. I’d never use the internet if I started worrying about that :smile:

Edit. I must just add a quick shout out for @dottiedesigns’s British Crafters on FB as a sensible and well run promotion site. I’ve definitely had sales directly from using the site, and I know there are non-selling customers popping in for a look over there too because it’s a nice friendly site.

(Yvette ) #16

Thank you, yes I am on I G still trying to figure it out. I like Twitter and spend a lot of time on there but don’t get sales very often.

(Susan Bonnar) #17

Thanks @Josara :slight_smile: It is a full on job running it now but the volume of sales some days are staggering! It is a great mix of sellers/non sellers and I love the fact that people support each other so wonderfully - even folk selling similar sort of items! Such a fab place to be x

(TandMArtsandCrafts) #18

What is this IG you are talking about @Amberlilly and @biskettblue? I have never heard of it!!

(Sara Smith) #19

Hi Emma

Glad there are others who have the same problem. Yes I find that my reach has gone right down. I am careful about how I word my posts, not using prices etc but this doesn’t seem to make a difference. I have had a steady stream of new likers but I don’t think many see my posts. I tend to use twitter and pinterest and have just started using instagram.

Best wishes


(Yvette ) #20

Hi, I am hoping that I G is Instagram x