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(Norfolkwoodcrafts) #1

Weekly daily reach 1, thats impressive,I wonder who it was. I still don’t understand it ,its probably my fault but everybody seems to reach me with their posts (i get about 20 or 30 a day at least.)


(Bobbys Boutique) #2

I just became your 100th liker! You have some beautiful stuff, pity no-one is seeing it! I must admit my Facebook do make it very hard work. Good luck - hope your reach improves, look on the bright side - it surely can’t get any worse :wink: I’ve always said Facebook is like looking through a spy-hole, I see everyone but no-one sees me :smiley:

(Margaret Jackson) #3

I’ll go and have a look at your page later when I get home. I’m sure I liked it but I don’t remember seeing anything from you for ages!

(Hazel Rayfield) #4

Hi Paul

I have now liked your page so that 101 :slight_smile:

I have liked you as me as that’s how FB counts but I’ll like you as Art In Wax later when I’m back on the PC so your posts will come up in both my feeds :slight_smile:

FB is hard work !!! Unless we like and comment on page posts regularly they disappear from feeds very randomly I am finding - only yesterday I referred to my post the day before and one of my followers commented and said she hadn’t seen the first post… So frustrating !!!

Anyway look forward to seeing your posts in my feeds


This is me on FB

(Roz) #5

Facebook reach is getting worse and worse, although you can’t always believe the figures as my reach on some posts has shown as zero and yet people have liked or commented on them! However, unless a liker regularly interacts with your page it will not be shown on their wall even if they like it which is a shame as I have liked lots of pages that i would like to see more of but because i don’t comment on their posts Facebook assumes I’m not interested! I have more or less given yup with Facebook now, I used to do a lot of networking but got little back from it so I now tend to just post my new items with a link to my shop just in case someone happens to see it.

(Norfolkwoodcrafts) #6

Thanks Margaret ,Bobby,Hazel and Roz for your likes and comments, I realise I don’t post much , reason being, I haven’t sold anything lately therefore I haven’t made anything new and I don’t like to keep posting the same stuff over and over again as people will get fed up with it ,so its a Catch 22 situation… I tried to share something yesterday as Norfolkwoodcrafts but it kept putting it under my name, so I am really fed up with it.


(Roz) #7

when you share something a box opens where you choose to share as yourself or a page you manage. don’t know if this helps.

(Birdandmonkey) #8

My sister in law likes my FB page, has ticked the “get notifications” button, makes a comment on every pic I put on and still she doesn’t see my page!! I think Mr FB is a meanie! I ran a comp to start when I got to 1000 likes, I built up a lot of followers with regular posts throughout the day, when it was 2 away FB decided to take 32 likes off me! Grrrr nasty

(Sharonj19) #9

My reach has been dire this week, I think lots of people are on holiday though or spending less time on fb because of the good weather. That’s what I’m telling myself…

(Melanie Commins) #10

Personally, I wouldn’t spend too much time worrying about it.

Lets face it; as far as business pages are concerned facebook is pretty much a pay-for advertising service now. If you already have a lot of fans it’s marginally easier to get your posts seen but the percentage that see what you post is vastly lower than it used to be. If you have only a few hundred fans then it’s more obvious as you will find yourself essentially talking to the ether most of the time.

As a business page user, facebook want you to pay them. The best way they can do that is to reduce your post reach to the point that it only becomes worth posting anything at all if you also pay for it to be seen. If you’re not willing to pay it essentially means that facebook is of zero use to you as a promotional tool.

They’ve said as much, as this article points out. Your fan base is seen by facebook as a “tool for making paid advertising more effective”:

I’m sure there will quite a few little businesses that will find themselves compelled to pay as they have built up a business model that relies heavily on facebook to reach their customer base. If, like me, you don’t have that many fans (in the grand scheme of things) on facebook and don’t intend to pay facebook for your posts to be seen, I wouldn’t bother putting a lot of effort into it. There are better sites for promotion where your efforts will be rewarded without the need to fork out a share of your hard earned profits.

(Helen Dale) #11

It took me a long time to build up facebook and I agree it’s now much harder than it used to be to get yourself noticed. But most of my sales still come via facebook. I have had to change how i use it over the last few months. Put any links to folksy and my post is seen by far less folk. So earlier this week I posted a picture of one of my bags with no links/no use of words like shop/sale. It got seen by the usuals number of folks. I then posted the link in the comments below and the bag sold within 5 minutes (I hasten to add the 5 minutes is exceptional for my sales).

But i also think you have to be ‘generous’ with your support for other pages if you’re going to build your likes. It’s not the same as ‘like me, i’ll like you’, but it is about being seen to be engaging genuinely with pages who are likely to have a similar target market as yourself.

My point is Facebook can work - but it works different to how it did 12 months ago. Maybe at some stage it will become obsolete for non-paying businesses, but at the mo’ it’s still my best marketing tool.

(Camilla) #12

Have you read this article by Anna from Buttonsy on our blog, Paul?

She talks about the different reach potential of different types of posts (ie. plain text vs link), and gives loads of tips about how to use Facebook to reach more customers and get more sales!

(Norfolkwoodcrafts) #13

Thanks Camilla, I will read it and study it later this evening.


(Le Petit Bijou Uk) #14

Thanks for this, Camilla. I’m changing focus some and am finding it difficult to promote on FB effectively. This will surely help.


(Le Petit Bijou Uk) #15


Can you advise of these selected sites, please Melanie? To be honest, I am really struggling with how and where to promote other than FB. I’ve got a new line that I want to start listing but I need to reach those who would potentially purchase. . I do use Pinterest but nor to any great success.


(Amberlilly) #16

I see you regularly Hazel, your work is great! I always liking. But it is hard work, chatting yesterday to Tinas Handmade and she has thousands of likers but is thinking of quiting! Mentioned she ought to try Twitter at least they are you on there!

(Amberlilly) #17

Thanks Camilla, this was very informative. Looking for all ways of trying to sale through facebook, I’ve yet to do so. :frowning:

(Amberlilly) #18

But where else Melanie? I’m on pinterest, Twitter an facebook, try to keep up in the forums, but I don’t know where else? Paying for facebook is a no, no! Any ideas?

(Hazel Rayfield) #19

Thank you :slight_smile: and yes I agree it is very hard work … I do sell via my page though, do you ? I sold a seascape today via FB sending it to Germany so it is a must I think, I do twitter as well but sells are not forth coming often however I have had some great contacts via twitter and have featured in magazines and blogs, and had other opportunities come my way because of it :smile:

(Amberlilly) #20

I shared a link on my business page on Facebook about things not to do and it was really informative, useful to those that are willing to look at my page otherwise they may miss it, so far I had 1 like for it. LOL