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Have you blogged today? August 2016

New post from me today: branching out and making pictures.


my blog is about my experiments with inks and Brusho powders

Reloved, reclaimed…my vintage obsession!

‘‘Hello, cat - have you seen my glasses?’’

A mini review of masking tape and watercolours

A new recipe on my blog today - yummy chinese chicken, lettuce wraps and seaweed rice

New blog post about the creations I made at my local jewellery making group.

hi guys,

I am starting a new set of posts on my blog called classy me, classy you! which is all about classy lifestyle and how to be/ stay classy in different life aspects (wearing style, health, passions etc.). The idea comes a range of products I have designed that one very polite gentlemen described as stylish and classy. That gave me idea what direction I’d like to go and I’d like to take my small business. You’re more than welcome to join!

Melting White Nights Watercolour - a story of Cerulean Blue

A day out at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and a look at the new galleries at The National Museum of Scotland

Follow the Process Part 2
weaving baby blankets

My blog post from yesterday - ClassyMe, ClassyYou’re-having-a-bad-day-(or-week)/10873020

Not today, but the other day! Some of you aspiring artists out there may find it useful…I like to do a monthly review. This month is oil paint brush cleaners:

A new blog. This will collate pretty much all my projects and items for sale. I hope to add other interesting tid bits too!