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Hello! I'm new to Folksy...just thought I'd introduce myself ....looking forward to seeing where this new journey will take me!

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1 Like I am new to Folkys hope I am doing this right. I make handmade cards and paper goods.

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Hello my dear friends. My name is Olga, i am new here. I crocheting miniature clothes for mini doll and christmas decoration. I hope that here a can find some new friends.

A better place to introduce yourselves is here 👋 Welcome to the Folksy Forums (Read Me)! Introduce yourself here :)
Welcome to Folksy!

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Hello, my name is Sarah and I have returned to Folksy after an absence of a couple of years. I have been very lucky this week and sold two teddies and three berets. My shops has a mixture of hand knitted and hand crocheted items.

Hello, my name’s Sophie and I’m new to Folksy. Well I say I’m new, I had a Folksy shop a few years back but things were very different then! So much has changed but hopefully I’ll get my head around it soon. Anyhow I shall study everything over the next few days and hopefully I’ll be chatting with you very soon.

Hello! I’m Jen and I’m sort of new to Folksy in that I opened a shop a while ago but have only just listed some things into it. I will be working on updating my photos for my page, but I make miniature earrings and frames from Fimo. I absolutely love seeing the teeny creatures and people come from nothing, I am looking forward to chatting with you all soon!

Hi there, im new to Folksy just getting some work together befor being brave and putting up , im wood burning on to chopping boards, and a little bit of loom working when have time xx

Hi I too a new to Folksy, I am Sue a passionate knitter and a bit of a tree hugger… I am quite passionate about moving towards a world without plastics. I sew knit and crochet in 100% wool, cashmere, angora, silk,cotton and linens. Taking most of my inspiration from years past I have patterns from the early 1800’s to 2015. I mainly cater for babies as this is a good place to try to make changes that can help our planet. I knit lambs wool soakers used with terry nappies they draw fluid away from your little one and if used as per instruction eliminate the need for disposable nappies ( one of the worst inventions of modern day taking up land fill space and taking hundreds of years to breakdown, whilst also releasing horrendous amounts of silica into the land. Did I mention I talk too much! Anyway I am home alone most times now that my two youngest are in University I do have animal company a beautiful 4 year old Samoyed called Chester and a mad as a box of frogs, rescued African grey parrot called Oscar.
Sue x

Hi Everyone,

Thought I’d introduce myself as I’m new on folksy. My name is Kirsty a stay-at-home to my beautiful daughter Pippa. To give myself a creative outlet after she was born I started making jewellery & after receiving compliments I have decided to start selling my pieces.

I look forward to contributing to discussions on here & to see where this journey of selling my jewellery takes me.


Welcome to Folksy @KLiKccessorizes

Hi everyone, my name is Petra, and I’m an almost newbie here, as I actually opened my shop a year ago, but wasn’t being a very good shopkeeper. This time around I’m slowly building up my stock and will soon have enough to create some collections.I also hope to be more active in Folksy as a whole, hence saying hello here this eve, whilst having a look through all the info on the forums. Its good to know there’s some seasoned sellers out there to call upon!!
I’ve had my elbows out at jumble sales since primary school age, and have been an avid collector of fabrics and bits and pieces ever since. I worked for a no of years in Theatre wardrobe, and my shop is a way of using my stash of said textiles, and all the bits I’ve stowed away over the years.

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Welcome to Folksy @PetraBradleyPrints. You have some lovely items in your shop - such beautiful fabrics.

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Hello @PetraBradleyPrints welcome to Folksy :slight_smile: I’m fairly new to the forums too and finding some wonderful advice here! Enjoy your journey x

Thank you, you too. I may even recognise a few of those pretty fabrics!! and I love seeing what other people do with them.

Thanks. It just takes time to build up to finally jumping in I think! and not caring too much if things go a bit off kilter until you’ve learnt your way around. You should be proud of your shop, it looks lovely.

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Hello everyone. I am new here and hope it will be a successful journey. It will take some time to populate my store to which I have a question. Is there any way to create variations within a listing with price differences?


Hi I have just opened my new shop and really hope you like it. I’ve only got a few items in there at the moment but will start adding to it over the next few weeks. I have been making crochet homecrafts for many years and have now been encouraged by family and friends to share my work so really hope you enjoy it. Any tips welcome! Thanks Lin :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone - feeling a bit daunted at the moment, cannot find my way around the forum at all, so hope I am posting in the right place! Hopefully it will get easier with practice! :grin:

welcome :slight_smile:

A quick guide to the forum I know it’s a bit confusing until you get used to it. We’ve had longer to work it out so don’t worry.

If you click on Talk in the big letters at the top of any page it will take you to the main forum page.

Then you see the big at the top that says categories well if you click on that it will give you a drop down menu of the different sections of the forum such as Shop Talk, Showcase etc etc.

Then you can play around clicking on the different sections in the list and see what each section is about. From what I remember each section has a top thread saying what sort of thing is discussed in that particular section.

It is a bit confusing as there are no pages numbers in threads either unlike most forums are set up, so it means scrolling more down a very long thread to be able to read it all.

Hope that helps a bit.

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