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Ooh, exciting! Looking forward to seeing this in action :slight_smile:

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All tongue tied!

Looking so different here :sunny:


Bouncing around the topics - feels very odd! Like the yellow pop up for first 2 posts :smiley:

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The pics resize to thumbnails when viewing on a phone so I didn’t notice they were so big.

Loving the fact that no matter how much I tootle through topics it’s like each new page loads within the current page so at any time I can just click back once and I’m back on my dashboard rather than having to back out through every topic I’ve looked at. Small thing but it’s handy.


I’ve just had my email so here I am having a very quick play (as I have to get a parcel out in the post)

Hi everyone - it’s all a bit new and scary! lol :smile:


Hello all, I’m having a wonder around, it’s a bit like starting a new job and don’t yet know the lay of the land and where the loo’s or canteen is :)… oooh we get smilies :smile:

Jan x

Edited … just trying it out :smile:


I moved 3 posts to a new topic: Getting back to


100 new people have been enabled today! Welcome welcome!

If you’re still having trouble finding your way around after reading the first post in this topic, please use the Meta Category for asking questions about how the forums work.

The FAQs from last week are answered here, and I’ll keep updating it:
Tips for getting started on the forums


OOp it’s kinda strange but fun all the same, wonder where my avatar is…

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Got the avatar, will have to find my way around, this is fun, I like new stuff! Hi everyone, lol !!

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Hi @talulahblue
Glad you found how to update your avatar! :smile:

Lost already lol.

My name is Karen and along with my 14 year old son, i make jewellery to raise money for Yorkhill Childrens Charity. We call it Caledonian Charms.

Stop by and see if there’s anything you like :smile:


Hello! This Folksy Forum thing is all a bit new and exciting isn’t it!

Anyway, I’m Natalie, pleased to meet you all :smile: I make/sell jewellery with real flowers in (in the little bits of spare time I get from looking after my two little boys - 18 months and nearly 3)

Looking forward to having a read through all these boards and posts.


Hello … I am Gerda , I have been selling on Folksy for over 2 years ! I make fabric bags - pencil cases - mini bags for little girls - purses - bunting - etc. ! Any spare time I make some of my own clothes ! You are welcome to follow me on FB ( can I mention this ?? )

Gerda x


Er… how long has there been a forum thingy on here? Feeling stoopid, hadn’t noticed it before!

I’m Tracey from I make jewellery, mostly using natural stones, but there seems to be quite a demand for my themed bracelets and bookmarks too.
I’m a bit of a technophobe but am rather proud to have figured out how to open a folksy shop!

Looking forward to chatting with some of you here x


Hi Tracey, you’ve probably not noticed the old forum as it’s a bit hidden away. This is the brand new forum, most people have only got access to it today, so you wouldn’t have seem it before. Welcome to Folksy forum-land, it’s fun here! :smiley:

Well, I’m in and I must say I love it! I love that it’s so colourful too :smiley: It was really easy setting up my profile details and avatar, took me less than 5 minutes just now and it’s very easy to navigate around.

I’m really impressed!

Natalie (an old forumer) xx