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Hello! I'm new to Folksy...just thought I'd introduce myself ....looking forward to seeing where this new journey will take me!

Your teas look wonderful Emma - I had to place an order…!

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Thank you so much Helen! It’s a labour of love blending such beautiful herbs…
This order has truly made my day - i did a happy dance! :dancer:


Not sure if this conversation is still active but I’m new to Folksy!!! and wanted a place to say hello! :wave:
My name is Charlotte and I make handmade resin and clay jewellery, homewares and accessories. And if you didn’t guess from my biz name, I’m mildly obsessed with :cherry_blossom: flowers :sunflower: Here’s my shop if anyone fancies a nosey :nose:
P.s. Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this!

You might want to edit your text to replace the Etsy word :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: xx

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Thank you! @JOYSofGLASS I think I have changed this now ! :joy: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :see_no_evil: so embarrassing lol!!! xx

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Hi Folksy Folks,
I’ve been selling on here for close to year now and thought that I’d say Hi to everyone. I make handmade chess sets which I’ve been doing for around 10 years or so.
I sell across a couple of platforms but I really like the whole Folksy vibe so I thought that I’d focus a bit more on my shop here than I have been.
Anyway, greetings and salutations from me to you :grinning:

Hello I’m new too. Just started my s


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Hi everyone on Folksy, I’m Dawn and I’ve not long opened my shop, I’m very excited to be selling on Folksy. I sell sewed and crochet items, it’s great spending time doing what I love :two_hearts:


Good luck with your shop Dawn, you have some lovely things in it.

Thank you Chris, I’ve just looked in your shop, your art is beautiful, you are so talented!
Dawn x

Thank you so much Dawn!

Star globe wish charm

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Hi everyone - I am new to Folksy, heres an item in my shop here. I am a dedicated otter watercolour painter! :blush::otter::art:

Mockup Card 06

Can someone help please? Does anyone know how to offer a bundles listing in Folksy where the buyer can choose which cards they would like - say a pack of 4 cards for a set price but with the option of buyer choosing what they would like?

Thanks in advance :blush:


Hi there! I’ve been on folksy for a couple of months and it’s high time that I introduced myself! I find it hard to narrow down my crafts but I have been a paper crafter the longest. Over 20 years in fact and I enjoy making video and blog tutorials. My other passions are vinyl and sublimation crafting and I have been teaching myself to sew for about 3 years now.
It’s hard to pick a favourite as I love them all and I hope that shows in what I make…
So fab to be with you all XX

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welcome esterboulter x


Thank you x

Hello, I’ve recently rejoined Folksy (first set up a shop here in 2015! Been in business since 2013 and now in a position to be able to afford more than one selling platform. I run Rainbow Glen, where I make various sewn products like bags, lampshades, embroidery and more.

I love what I do and this year I’ve been getting back out on the craft Market scene. It’s been a tricky couple of years! Any tips for a newbie appreciated!