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Hello! I'm new to Folksy...just thought I'd introduce myself ....looking forward to seeing where this new journey will take me!

(Mollydogdesign) #41

Welcome to Folksy. I’m a newbie myself.
Hope everything is going well with you. :grinning:

(FlorenceAndMarie) #42

Thank you!

I’m getting there lol

How are you finding the Folksy life??


(Brenda Cumming) #43

welcome to all the Newbies

(FlorenceAndMarie) #44

Thank you :smile:

(Mollydogdesign) #45


It’s a learning curve :joy:. Lots to learn but sure it’ll all slot into place eventually :star_struck:.

Everyone seems lovely and friendly so that’s a bonus :+1:t2:


(Debby Coatham) #46

Hi my name is Debby I joined Folksy in August, I design and make collectable bears, bear making kits and embroidered gifts, I’ve yet to sell on Folksy but have sold many bears locally and on social media…this is my shop…thank you

(PetraBradleyPrints) #47

Your shop is lovely!

(Ruth ) #48

Hello, I’m new to folksy. I love crochet and just recently have started producing crochet appliqué cards. Please pop over and take a look, new ones to be added regularly. You can also find me on social media.

Thank you in advance

Ruth :blush:

(Eden Ceramics) #49

Hi I used to sell jewellery on Folksy, But now I own a kiln. I have been bubbling with ideas and I have so many plans and its trying to fit it all in. I am so glad to be back. Hopefully I will meet a lot of nice new freinds.

(Lucy Reynolds) #50

Welcome to Folksy :slight_smile:

(Lucy Reynolds) #51

Welcome back!

(Misene Aperture Art) #52

Hi Everyone, My name is Alan and I run Misene Aperture Art. It’s been a bit difficult to break through with sales lately so thought I’d give Folksy a chance. Gotta say the vibe on here is lovely. Looking forward to nosing around the site and hearing what people are up to.

You can check out my ahem ‘listing’ here (more to add later)