Folksy Ltd

Hello! I'm new to Folksy...just thought I'd introduce myself ....looking forward to seeing where this new journey will take me!

(Mollydogdesign) #41

Welcome to Folksy. I’m a newbie myself.
Hope everything is going well with you. :grinning:

(FlorenceAndMarie) #42

Thank you!

I’m getting there lol

How are you finding the Folksy life??


(Brenda Cumming) #43

welcome to all the Newbies

(FlorenceAndMarie) #44

Thank you :smile:

(Mollydogdesign) #45


It’s a learning curve :joy:. Lots to learn but sure it’ll all slot into place eventually :star_struck:.

Everyone seems lovely and friendly so that’s a bonus :+1:t2: