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Help needed, still no sales on line

I’m Gilli of Gilli’s flowers, Gilliyflower is my shop name. I am getting quite despondent as I still haven’t had any sales here even though I know my product is both original and good ( origami jewellery ) as I always do well at craft markets. I really want to get selling on line as I am disabled and so the number of markets I can manage is limited. I work part-time but as this week is half-term I want to focus on my online presence. I have a 10%sale on this week as well with the code October .
Any help and advice would be really appreciated.

Hi Gill! Your work is very interesting and I’m sure it will eventually get you sales here. One thing I noticed is that in your first photo of earrings, for example, they are taken showing the whole of the mannequin head and neck, so the earrings appear very small and difficult to see properly. They show more attractively in detail in your following close-up shots. Perhaps try swapping a close-up shot as your first image.
Best of luck :slight_smile:

I agree entirely with Bee’s view. Your work is lovely but it is not easy to appreciate the detail in the photos you have on your main shop page. If people are browsing they may pass by because they can’t see how beautiful your items really are. I would definitely think about swapping your photos around so that your close-up photos are the main one for each item.

I’ve just favourited this and pinned it to my Fabulous Folksy finds board on Pinterest.

I’d also read up about tags, SEo and titles. Tags should generally be 2 word phrases that customers would type into google, you can have 15 tags, so I would use all of them.

This folksy blog post should help you: and there’s lots more info about SEO etc here:

If it was me for example, on your musical leaf earrings, I’d use tags such as: leaf earrings, origami earrings, drop earrings, paper leaves, paper jewellery, gift for music lovers (or gift for musicians) etc

Thank you for your advice. I’ll get on to it.

Thank you. That’s really helpful

Beautiful items and a lovely shop…i will pin one of your items on my pinterest board for folksy sellers…i wish you luck, sales will come…

I have pinned one of your lovely hair combs to my Pinterest board Found on Folksy.
Good luck with your shop.
Maureen x

Hi Gilli, I’ve pinned one of your lovely pair of earrings to my ‘Lovely things on Folksy board’, all the best with your shop. :slight_smile:

Thank you all for your advice and encouragement, I have taken your advice regarding the photos and tags, just got the last few to redo the tags on and I’m also going to do a folksy likes page on pintrest and also set up a page on Google+. Definitely had a lot more hits over the last couple of days.

I’m sorry if this sounds rude, but for your rings, if you are going to photo them on a hand, I would use a younger looking one, and probably not on the wedding finger.

I’m the same as you, I do great at craft fairs but really badly on Folksy and on etsy - wish I knew the answer as well.
I’ve added one of your earrings to my pinterest Autumn Array board. x

Hi @SilvanaJewellery, this afternoon Folksy were promoting your lovely reindeer brooch in copper and sterling silver on Twitter. Just thought you might like to know if you are not on Twitter. Looks beautiful! :heart_eyes:


Made my first sale today! Only a small one but it’s a start. Been a good week as I have a shop/arts and crafts centre that wants to have an exhibition of my jewellery next spring. Thanks for the advice and encouragement.


Thanks Nicola - I knew it was on the facebook page but didn’t know about twitter as I’m not on that. Hopefully it will make a difference! x

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