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Still no sales

Still had no sales. I have added more photos and have started to put more items on my page. I am getting fed up with it all. I am on etsy as well and the same story no sales! I am feeling very deflated and wondering what is wrong with my stuff! Are the photos good enough, is my jewellery not good enough or is it priced too high!

I am not very good at helping but the first thing I noticed in your shop was that you didn’t have anything featured. If you go to your dashboard and click on shopkeeping…it will give you a list of your items…on the right of each item is the word FEATURE…you can select a few of your items to be featured at the top of your shop page…and they rotate so that each time someone goes to your shop, they will see a different selection. In order for this to work you must feature a MINIMUM of 3 items…so choose quite a few different ones.
Also I think the necklaces would look better if they were shown OUTSIDE of the boxes as they tend to all look the same. The better picture is your last one, a pretty mauve pendant that catches the eye…hope that helps a bit and good luck x

Hi Debbie,

I agree with Brenda, your jewellery is lovely and yes I think the best photo’s are the one’s with the string/woven background, it really show’s your pendants off. Good luck with your shop, it can take some time to get a first sale.


The first thing I see is that you have no social media links on your shop. You need some. You need to promote.

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Thanks., I will try to the feature thing. As for the items being boxed and looking the same they are all displayed on busts as well as close up as well and in the boxes!

Thanks. I will just have to be patient I suppose! Hopefully thing will get better as it gets closer to Christmas.

I don’t really understand all that social media stuff. I have tried to do a Facebook page but haven’t got a clue what to do or how it works

I don;t understand social media either Debbie, so don’t worry. But I DO have a facebook page and every time Iist something, I go and show it on my page…I have friends who kindly share it for me too. I have an instagram account but cannot use it as I only have a laptop and you need a phone…sigh…good luck x

I have started to set up a business Facebook account. I am sure I will get to grips with it all eventually. A few months ago I didn’t have a clue how to put my jewellery on folksy or etsy but I got my head around it!

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Remember that the first image for each listing is the only one someone sees as they browse your shop front. Unless that image catches their eye, they won’t click on the item listing to get to see the rest. When I look at your shopfront, a lot of the images show ‘something in a box’ (and I’m using a full-screen pc, not a tiny screen on a phone), and that’s not going to get me to look any closer. The ones where you show a real closeup of the pendant are best, I can see the wonderful colours and that will draw me in.

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I have taken detailed photos of most of my items but I have accidently used the wrong photo as my main photo on some of the items and it won’t let me change the photo when I try to delete the main image it keeps saying I can’t delete it! I think the only way I can do this is to delete the whole item and start again

When you are in Edit, you can drag your images left and right to change the order. So you shouldn’t need to delete anything.

There is an odd thing that won’t let you delete all your images - you have to add one in before you can delete the last one. But being able to drag them about helps.


Thanks Helen. I have been deleting photos and adding new ones because I have put them in the wrong order but if I can drag them that will be brilliant. I will try it.

Hi, I know exactly how you are feeling but don’t get too discouraged. I don’t know how long you’ve been open but it took around 2 months for my first sale, and others have said it can take longer. Patience is key! The advice you have been given here is all sound. Your closer up photos on the plain background are definitely more effective as the main photos. I haven’t done it yet, but everyone has advised me that you really need to promote your shop on social media as Folksy doesn’t have the same ‘browsing’ audience as Etsy for example. If you open an Instagram page and put a link to your Folksy shop you can join the Folksy Instagram team and will automatically get a good number of followers to start you off. There are always plenty of lovely, helpful and experienced people to advise and support you here so keep going, sales will come! Best of luck. Becca😊
PS the drag function doesn’t work on Android phone (at least not on mine!!) so you may need to use a computer to move your photos around.


Hi Debbie
the jewellery world is so over saturated. I have been making and selling jewellery for over 40 years now, but much as l love making it l have diversified in to other areas.One thing l have noted over the years is that what i call the old way of pricing, £11.95 or £11.99 does not lead to anyone thinking that the item is less than the £12 mark. Round figures are best. I think £5 shipping for a tiny item is too high and should not cost you so much. Earrings and pendants should fit easily under large letter pricing. If your boxes are too high to fit ditch them and lose an extra expense! Use some pretty tissue paper instead. You could possibly round down from £11.95 plus £5 shipping to £10 plus £2. p& p. Or round up to £15 with free shipping! try switching things round. Hope this is helpful. -


Absolulely agree…hadn’t spotted those postage prices. I charge at cost and I know what all the Royal Mail charges are for the things I post out. Always first class, signed for only if value is high. Small package for suncatchers and large letter / pip box for jewellery.

Also agree about odd prices. I used to do country markets and we were only allowed prices ending in 0 so got out of the habit of even using a 5. Don’t do country markets now but even so my smallest denomination is 25p… eg £18.75… no point whatsoever doing a £20 piece for £19.99.

@colourburstjewellery Photos… Folksy uses square so if you upload rectangles you cannot plan how your picture shows. Always crop to square before loading or your photo will not look appealing : eg :

The photos are all your customers have to make their selection. They can’t pick the pieces up and view in their hands so your photos are sooooooo important.

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Hi, I also make jewellery. I listed my first item in mid July this year and haven’t sold anything yet so I know how you feel. I also sell with Etsy and it’s been very quiet. However, I used to sell at large craft fairs, agricultural shows, and other big events and as these aren’t taking place it’s making me wonder how many craft workers have turned to online selling this year.
Don’t give up hope. Easier said than done, I know but Christmas is coming…
Suggestion. Maybe have a photo or two with someone modelling a pendant?


Hi there
Join the club :smiley: I try & try & try but there’s only so much you can do I promote daily via Instagram mainly, I also use Pinterest & I try to get involved in the forums
I’ve been on Folksy a while now but still not had 1 sale I think the only way for me maybe craft fairs where people can actually see my dolls
Your jewellery is lovely :blush: keep at it I had a jewellery shop on Folksy a number of years ago but again I didn’t sell as much as I would of liked
Jewellery is very hard to sell as there is so much competition
Good Luck xx

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I prefer Instagram over Facebook to promote my items but this is only a personal choice. And I sell more in craft fairs than at Folksy but I love the platform and I keep coming back. I’m so sad that craft fairs probably won’t happen this year. Hopefully next year will be different.

Thanks. I have been on folksy for a couple of months. I am also on Etsy which is a complete waste of time. I have been on Etsy for about 3 months and have had less visits on Etsy than I can get in a day on folksy. I will have to look into Instagram I don’t know how all that social media stuff works as I am a complete technophobe and have never even looked at Instagram. As for the photos I take the photos on my phone and upload them onto my laptop, I can’t do the listing on my iPhone as the screen is too small.