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Really poor reach/no sales

Hi everyone

It seems to have gone extremely quiet for me the past couple of weeks. Lots of sales just before Easter then since then nothing, across all three shops I have on various sites. Have been promoting through three social media sites daily over the past two weeks, have put new products into the shops yet not one bite. Does anyone have any advice?

I have my first craft fair of the year this weekend so I’m hopeful it will pick up after that but is there anything else others do for sales when it’s slow?

Advice appreciated!

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Same for me except not on Folksy because I hardly ever sell anything on this site anyway. folksy is always deadly quiet for me. However I was selling about three items a week between January and April but even those avenues have suddenly come to a full stop. Is there anybody out there? Helloooo? Nope, just my echo.


I’m here, Kim and I just bought a red haired doll for my red haired daughter. She’ll love for her birthday, even though she is 19.


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Hi all, I’ve just put some items up recently, no sales as yet, tried it here a couple of times previously and nothing, so fingers crossed for us all

I check on Google Analytics and i hardly get any views, on average about 4 a day. My only saviour is I.G. where I have managed to sell a few items but its dead, really dead. I don’t know what else to do either. So, I can totally sympathise with you @Fallon1986

Worryingly quiet for me too. No sales for just over 5 weeks. I normally get one or two a week throughout the year. :confused:

thank you all of you for your reassurance that I’m not alone (although would be better if none of us were in this situation of course!) As I mentioned, I just hope it picks up from this weekend onwards as I start to get myself out there in craft fairs in the run up to the summer holidays. I usually get more interest over on social networking sites too, but recently it’s just been a few likes here or there (although I had lots of response to a giveaaya on Sunday funnily enough ) :wink:

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I have never sold anything yet. I a
Can’t seem to title my stuff so that it comes up on Google. How do you do that?

Same here only had two sales in the begining since then nothing, so will be thinking is it worth to renew my items when they run out, had better luck on Etsy and Ebay

I have sold 24 items on here in regular intervals over about 3 or 4 years, but this is the longest gap without a sale, as my last one was Aug 13 2014.


@MosaicsbyAlexandraGlendinning your google problem is one that we all suffer - folksy don’t currently pay for us to appear in the google shopping search (there are plans to run a trail) so we have to build links back to our items (eg through it appearing in blogs/ pinterest/ other websites) so that they come further up the search rankings. Unfortunately if your item is similar/ similarly titled to other things with lots of back links then you come along way down the rankings, I had a look at your shop and then searched mandarin duck mosaic and unfortunately there is a commercial kit for kids to make mosaic ducks which has all the links and other things that google looks for so that comes at the top. I have one item in my shop that appears on the first page of google search results and that is my fordite cufflinks because no one else seems to make them any more.
Sorry its not more encouraging news.

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I think part of the problem is not a lot of people know folksy as well as say etsy my views here are more than a third lower of what they are on etsy. I hereby am going to try and drum up business for all that have posted above hopefully we can do our bit for each other over our various social media sites and see what happens


I’m on I.G. nd am surprise folksy don’t do much on there to get the word out. We need more exposure.


Thanks Sasha x

Anyone know how Instagram stats on GA come up as? Or where I look to find out? All I get is, direct, referral or talk folksy. I seem to be getting visits and I’m on I.G a lot.:grin::grin::grin:

I’m guessing that they would show up in Acquisition/ social/ network referrals (tabs on left hand side) that is where facebook and twitter show up.

No, its not showing @SashaGarrett its hidden somewhere, must be?

@Amberlilly This might answer your question
doesn’t show up as instagram shows up as a direct referral

Thanks @SashaGarrett had a quick read and it makes sense, my direct traffic is IG, can’t see me doing the bitly thing, wouldn’t know where to start, but at least i have an idea now. thanks everso. :smile:

Hi! Just seen this thread! I too have hardly had any sales, but I thought it was because no one can find me on here, I haven’t got enough listed or no one likes my jewellery!! Sob! I do get regular sales through a local art gallery, so I don’t think it’s the latter!

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