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Help! Stuck and need some advice

Hello lovely people. I am so impressed with all the amazing products you can find on Folksy and the talent out there. I have been selling on Folksy for a little while now, but have had no sales for the past couple of months. I wonder if anyone has the time, they could have a little look at my shop (LuluMhandmade) and let me know if you have any advice/suggestions please. Thanks so much.

The first thing you are on a plus account but not using collections. You could put all cards together etc. Instead of a customer going through everything.

Use the feature section under shopkeeping, minimum of 3 items but more is better. Will be highlighted at the top of your shop.

Don’t doubt some others will be along later to help you more. Just got to take the biscuits out of the oven, lol.

Nice shop and you have some lovely feedback for your cards, well done. I like that your cards are little artworks in themselves which could be framed as a keepsake, I think it would be good to make more of a thing of it, suggest it to the customer.

I don’t see a Facebook link on your shop, just IG, now I know not everyone likes FB or thinks it works but if you choose to sell online and are looking for ways to boost your sales then it’s worth a try.

It is hard going at the moment, I’ve been here ten years plus and have never been this quiet. Good luck, I hope it picks up soon xxx

Hi Caroline

Thanks so much for your feedback - just brilliant. I have now put everything into categories. I never knew you could!!

Many thanks again and love your shop. All the best.

Thanks so much for your very helpful comments. I have got a FB page, but not very good at working out how to link things! Will have another go, as you are absolutely right - it is all worth a go. Hope things pick up for you as you have some really lovely creations. All the best x