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Help with bag display please

I have some shoulder bags I take to fairs but all I can do is lie them flat on the table which looks dull.
I wonder how to display them, baring in mind I don’t have funds(or table space) to buy a proper thing to hang bags up on. I wondered if there was any kind of household item I could use.
Should I pad the bags out with tissue paper to show how much could fit in them?

Do you have a free-standing coat rack that you could take along to put next to or behind your table?

Or could you rig up some way to hang them from the front of your table?

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I would pad them out a bit. Perhaps you could find a branch that you could stand upright, cut off the side shoots so you are left with short pegs to hang them from.

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We’ve got a Pinterest board full of ideas for craft fair displays if that helps

How about a smallish clothes airer and then tie the bags on with pretty ribbons, scarves or piece of fabric? Or even more simple, a kitchen/ dining chair and hang them from the back?
If you make your display a bit funny or unusual, people will be more likely to stop and look!
Maybe you put something into a bag to show how much space there is - use a real big jumper or lunch boxes and books. Customers can relate to the size of these items.
Good luck with you fairs. x

Thanks for info. I have a half torso stand I could use but the bag handles are so long the bags would rest on the table, but just realised I could use clips to shorten the handles so the bags sit higher! Thanks folks, you got me thinking and solved a problem.

Love this Pinterest board Camilla, it has got me thinking. :blush:

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I display most of my bags on a coat stand. However I also have a stand made from 2 pieces of painted trellis hinged together so that I can stand them on one of the back corners of my table with the 2 sections at right angles. There are a row of hooks along the top edge of each panel for hanging the bags on. It didn’t cost much - the trellis panels were dead cheap from Home Bargains.

Thanks for the ideas. Ive gone with a simple idea, but hopefully better. Ive padded all the bags out and folded up and tied the handles so they arnt all over the place, the put them all in a wicker basket., Looks quite nice and better than them laying flat and lifeless.
I decided against the half torso idea, I can’t picture me carrying 2 big bags a rucksack and tree and a half torso to venues, especially ones with no nearby parking.

Here is a picky. Ive not arranged them very neatly for the pic but you get the idea. I think they can be seen better and people will feel like they can pick them up for a closer look. I shall make a label saying about the features.


They look good in that basket. Such lovely designs too. I don’t think I described my trellis display very well before so here’s a pic in case you might find it useful in the future. The two trellis panels are just hinged with cable ties. It’s good for adding height as well. I do love your basket display though. Hope your fairs go well.