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Earring display ideas please

I have a load of charms which I decided should become earrings.
I have a table top concertina style display stand but I wondered if customers prefer the earrings to be on separate display card, so they can be picked up and looked at.
I always worry the stand will fall over when someone goes to take an earring off to look at.
Would you lovely peeps mind letting me know how you display yours at craft fairs. Id love to see pics.

I have some concertina type display stands for long earrings with hooks and these get clamped to the table to stop any chance of them being knocked over (also holds the table cloth in place, clamps came from local screwfix). I find that people often ask me to get them off the stand for them to have a look at rather than just reaching over and that gives me the chance to point out the finer details of the piece. I have small studs on display cards in shallow boxes so that people can flick through them to see whats there (I have a few of the cards artfully arranged around the boxes so people can quickly see the sort of things on the cards). Larger stud top earrings go on wooden displays (bit like a small cactus) which get arranged on blocks to lift them up off the table and there is just enough space on the block for some free standing signs with price and description.
What works for you will I guess depend a bit on how many earrings you have to display and how much other stuff there is - if you need table space for cushions then putting the earrings on a vertical display stand gets them out of the way and frees up the space which would otherwise be taken up by having them on cards.

I don’t sell earrings but a as punter I like to be able to pick the jewellery up and examine it more closely, so any way of displaying them that allows me to pick them up is perfect. If they are a bit out of reach, I would be more comfortable in asking you for a closer look if there was a friendly sign suggesting I ask to have a closer look, otherwise I might just move on. (I have bought things purely on a whim, and not just when looking specifically for something, so that whole handling/ examining experience is good for me - although having heard other crafters berate potential customers for the three Ps [i.e. Pick it up, can’t remember the second but the third is P*ss off] I’m a bit less inclined to these days!!!) :slight_smile:

I use individual stands (people can then hold the earring up to the ear, which I find very often results in a sale) on an acrylic stepped display with a battery l.e.d push light underneath.
Works a treat, it really draws the customers eye.

Thanks for the feedback.