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Just sharing a homemade table display idea

Like many of us I a on a budget so I had a table display idea last night and thought it may help my fellow crafters, so I thought Id share it.
I have earrings I need to display so I felt they all needed to be seen at once rather than people flip through them in a tray, like my greeting cards. So I already had a big picture frame, some fabric. I measured out the rows, sewed a length of fabric across a few times, flipped ithe fabric rows up to cover the sewn area, then wrapped the wholse fabric around the innners section of the frame(the bit the picture sits on) and placed it in the frame, then attached the final back. It needs tweeking, pulling tighter so the '“pockets” don’t gape open, or I may sew individual sections. Hope this may help some of you.


That’s a great idea :slight_smile:
It’s always so difficult to find exactly what you need for your stall, without spending loads of money.
My dad (a woodworker) is always kind and helps me with my stands. The only thing I bought recently was a wire rack for my Prints, I thought it’d be nice and lightweight. Cost me enough though :confused:


That works a treat! Thanks for sharing.

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That looks good. Great way to display a lot in a small space, gives height to the stall too.

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this looks super - a great way to display your items.

I was thinking, you could probably use something like this for cards too. And you could even use clear oilcloth for the pockets if you wanted to show the whole design.

Really, great work Grimm :slight_smile:

‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ they say, and you’ve really been inventive here! I haven’t done a craft fair in ages but I always struggled with displaying my things. This is a great idea - and lovely of you to share :smile:

Thanks peeps for your nice replies. I wish Id though t of the oil cloth idea.

I think what you’ve done suits your display perfectly. You can see the earrings clearly :slight_smile: