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Hi - I’m probably being a bit daft but… when I just went to vote on the folksy forum craftjuice august thread I found a lot of the listings were the same. When I click on someone’s listing, it takes me to craftjuice should I then vote for each item the person has on CJ or just the top item? I’ve been finding that I am ‘unvoting’ because I only look & vote at the top item.

Thanks for any help,

Catherine. :cat: :dog2: :rabbit2:

It depends what link people are posting - sometimes they just post a link to their newest item but sometimes, especially if they have recently listed more than one new item, they post a link to all their items so you can scroll down and vote for all of the new ones. You can usually tell if you have already voted for an item as the little thumbs up symbol is green and turns grey when you have voted. Hope that helps.

Hi - thanks for that, it’s as I thought then - just takes a while to go through. thanks x :cat: