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Help with naming something please

(Grimm Exhibition) #1

Youl need your imagination to see what Im trying to make here. I had an idea to incorporate my soldering into the Victorian look that I like, so Im making these little fairy, imp, pixie decorations for the tree or door handles etc .
Im really not sure what to call them, but I can make birthday, Halloween, valentine versions to so its an all round the year kind of idea. This is clearly at the mock version stage, imagine her with more sparkle, both arms and legs and a sparkly hat on.

Any idea what I can call them, that are words that potential customers would search for?

(Jo Sara) #2

I’m not sure people are going to know to search specifically for this, but there’ll be a lot searching for, ‘Christmas fairy’, ‘hanging fairy’, ‘Victorian Christmas’, ‘Victorian decoration’, ‘tree fairy’, and all the combinations of those, which if your item comes up in their search might take their eye. Just be keyword rich to make sure you do catch all those searching customers, don’t worry too much about labeling it as one thing or another at the mo. If the Christmas versions sell well, then I’d branch out to birthday and Valentine.

(Grimm Exhibition) #3

Im currently thinking of Spirits, XMas Spirit, Halloween Spirit, but your right, adding lots of key words makes more sense than finding a specific name for it.

(Stevenbowlerdesigns) #4

SCAREY THING! Made me jump.

(Grimm Exhibition) #5

Yep, but hopefully itl look more appealing when properly made.
I have beads on their way from China to make the heads with. So exciting.