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Help with posting 3D cards...please :)

Morning all!

I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to post some delicate 3D cards?

I’ve seen a lot on here of all types and descriptions and presume you must have a way of ensuring g they travel safely.

Previously I’ve always made relatively 2D cards but find my style is changing and now I’d like to expand.

I have envelope boxes that the cards can go into and think these look great decorated. They protect he card but they also need protecting in order to arrive safely!

All advice greatly appreciated!!

Many thanks…a newbie (Laura x)

PIP boxes would be your best way forward - a google search should find you a supplier.


Yes I agree with Sasha and if you can keep the depth below 2.5 cm your cards can be posted at the large letter rate rather than as a parcel, which makes a significant difference to the cost.

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