Folksy Ltd

Help with supplies

Sorry to be daft but Ive never worked out how to search for things in supplies. I click on supplies, then just gives me a specific list of categories which doesn’t cover what Im looking for.
I type something in the search bar at the top but it comes up with some supplies and mostly made items.

What am I doing wrong?

I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong, I have the same problem when I’m searching for supplies too!

It’s just a useless search facility…

What supplies are you searching for?

As I know some crafting supplies are well stocked on folksy while other’s aren’t

Which reminds me I need to add more crafting supplies to my shop

It has long driven me mad that we can’t search within a category…

ETA: although, I have just discovered you can do it the other way around, type what you want into the search bar and then choose the category on the left hand side, hooray!

Just doing some research on felt supplies, but there is a section for that, but had trouble in the past trying to search for other things, just thought Id ask you guys to see if I was doing something wrong.