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Help! Would someone look at my shop?

(Rebecca Evans) #1

Hi.I’m fairly new to Folksy and to online selling. And to this kind of chat? blog? Posting? I don’t even know what its called so I’m sorry if this is in the wrong place.
I know you are all busy out there but I wondered if anyone had a moment to look at my shop, Winter House Jewellery and give me some feedback? I’m finding it hard to get going.
Any feedback would be welcome…I don’t mind how harsh…Thank you :smiley:

(Eileens Craft Studio) #2

Can you put a link to your shop so we can find it

(Rebecca Evans) #3

My shop, I think this will link to it []

Thank you!

(Lizzie Gillum, Bedfordshire, Uk ) #4

Rebecca, this kind of “chat site” is called a Forum, just so you know (or a Chat site :wink: )

I just went to see your shop and I think it is very lovely! The banner is beautiful and so are your photos. The things you are offering for sale are gorgeous and look well made. I love that your pictures are so clear and the colours look good. So many shops have what look like great products, but the photos are rubbish, which I’m sure holds them back (I’ve just invested in a new camera to improve my own photos!)
The hand-made jewellery business is pretty competetive, so I’d recommend a regular and active presence on Folksy, relisting a few things regularly and new listings whenever you can. If you have any other online presence - eg. Facebook, Twitter etc, link to your shop whenever possible.

I wish you lots of luck with your Folksy business - the shop looks great!

Lizzie LizzieMade Hand Bound Books

(Eileens Craft Studio) #5

I think most people who look at jewellery like to see an item that hangs ie ear rings hanging from something. I know some people use a wine glass or a twig of some kind. like the one you use on the mother of pearl ear rings.

A necklace displayed on a bust. so they can get an idea how it will hang.

A close up of the clasp is always useful.

I notice your titles might not be found easily by the Folksy Search try making sure the first word say what it is ie necklace, ear rings then maybe the type of metal/stone used. No one will search for wire wrapped Carnelian drop. I didn’t even know what it was until I read it’s a necklace. I then notice your second photo showed it attached to a very blurred chain.

I’ve just noticed one of your main photo’s is rather blurred. Try to get your whole item in your main/first photo as this is the first photo potential customers will see. Then for finer details ie wanting to look closure at one particular part of an item they’ll go to the other photo’s.

For the wire you use on the Dalmation ear rings you do not say what the wire is only that’s it’s antique copper colour. I don’t wear ear rings myself but I’m sure those that do would need to know what that wire was in case of allergies.

Pretend you are the potential customer looking what would you type into a search bar.

I hope some of this helps and all the best

(Karen Jane) #6

Hi Rebecca

I too am new to Folksy, I have had a look at your shop, your have a lovely variety of items and it is well stocked. I like the grey backgrounds you take your photos on, it gives a clear uniformity and style to your page. From my own experience, I know how difficult it is to take a good photograph so I think you are doing well. If it is any consolation you have had more sales then me, I still have a lot more beads I need to list, hang on in there!

Regards Karen

(Rebecca Evans) #7

Thank you so much for all your comments. Its lovely to have some feedback and really helpful points raised.
I have already put some of them into action in my latest listing.
Thanks again, I appreciate the time you have taken.
I guess I just keep on with it :smiley:

(Margaret Jackson) #8

Lovely jewellery Rebecca, my comment would be could you put the measurements of your items in inches as well as cms? Americans, and some British people too (like me!) don’t understand metric measurements!

(Lizzie Gillum, Bedfordshire, Uk ) #9

I’ve read Eileen’s comments and actually think they’re useful for me too (well, maybe not the bit about hanging earrings or necklaces!). The stuff about titles is very helpful, so is the “pretend you’re a customer” - though I do try to do that.

I’m definitely scheduling time for improving my photos - I know some of those are really not so great.

And I still love your shop Rebecca!

(Aasiyah Johnson) #10

I like it your shop feels very warm, I’m also new here and still trying to get the hang of things.

All the best and I hope you get more sales xxx

(Jacqueline Austen) #11

I love your spirals and wire work. Your jewellery has a very eclectic feel to it. I like your photos too.

I wish you many sales and I hope you enjoy selling on Folksy - you deserve to do really well.

Jacqueline x

(Rebecca Evans) #12

Lovely feedback, Thank you. Its given me a bit of a boost to continue. One of the things I find difficult is the pricing. Does it look reasonable?
I also like the advice of imagining that I am a buyer and have been trying to do that and see things very differently from that point of view.

(Lizzie Gillum, Bedfordshire, Uk ) #13

Rebecca, pricing is always a difficult thing. There are posts on the Folksy blog, which discuss the topic of pricing. You’ll also run into them on the internet in various places - often discussed in the various sellers’ forums on Facebook for example (try The Handcrafters Lounge, who are a very supportive, non-competitive group).

In the end, only you can really decide on your prices. However, I don’t think yours look expensive - in fact, I wonder if you are not asking enough for some of your items. You need to cover materials, overheads (postage, costs for your workspace, tools etc, heating & lights, other costs), as well as the time it takes to make the item and a percentage other work associated with the making and sale of your goods. It’s your choice how much you charge, but it’s a bad idea to price very low - you should be making some money, after all, you are a business. You can look at what others charge, but remember to think of who your target market is - just because you couldn’t afford your items, doesn’t mean that the price you want to ask is too high; jewellery is a luxury item and if your target market has more money than you, then that’s fine!

I still think your photos are really nice and the items look beautiful. I’m sure you’ll do well - it just needs hard work and a bit of practice & determination!

(Rebecca Evans) #14

Thanks, good advice. I do wonder if I under charge sometimes. A lack of confidence maybe!

(Cariad Crafts) #15

Just favouritted your shop. Your jewellery is lovely, I love the spirally copper. Good luck and welcome to Folksy :smile:

Carol xx