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Hi from Peru

Hi guys!! (From Peru!!)
Hope everyone is well! Having an R&R few days so thought I’d write a blog post on our trip…it’s here> under the latest blog post if you’re interested in a read! :smiley:

And here’s just a couple more photos:

Back in the UK on Friday. Hope you’re all having a good summer!! :slight_smile:


looks amazing :slight_smile:

Stunning photos and I’ve just read your blog which is amazing with even more wonderful photos, what a wonderful experience, I’m now turning a very delicate shade of green.

Wow what stunning photo’s, what an wonderful experience!

Amazing, one of the places I would love to see, have a great time, I’m sure you will :slight_smile:

Amazing blog and photos, Susannah, what a fabulous experience! Loved your IG posts too :grinning:

Thanks guys!! But if a delay here- we’re 6 hours behind so I’m about to get up for breakfast.

I have kept a written journal while we’ve been here & it’s made me realise there’s a few things I’ve forgotten to put in my blog! Oops! Never mind I guess. One of the best things I’ve actually seen was the Milky Way as clear as day in the Sacred Valley where there’s no light pollution at all…and I forgot to write about it! Haha I didn’t get any photos of that though as I only have my iPhone for a camera. :confused:
Sleeping in the desert tonight in just our sleeping bags so will see what that experience holds- after we hit the crazy Mad Max style dune buggies later! Haha

Though I am now looking forward to coming home. It’s pitch black here by 6pm, and as we’ve done a lot of camping & been really busy we’ve had early nights most nights- by like 8pm! So my body clock is slightly messed up!! I’m looking forward to the 9:30pm sunset at home!!


Wow, breath taking views x

Incredible photos! Looks so different to the UK. Hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday :o)

Wow, what an adventure! Great photos. xxx

fabulous pics

Hi guys! Thanks- it has been awesome & I’m in serious need of a rest! 3 weeks being responsible for 12 kids is enough!! Haha in Amsterdam airport now- heading for home in a few hours. Ready to get home and just be me, my husband and bunny! I have actually learned that I really do LOVE being childless. Hahaha

Thought I’d add a few photos of our last few days in the desert- we slept under the stars in our sleeping bags on one of the nights. Was amazing! I’ve never been to a desert before- but if you’ve never been and have never been dune buggying- you definitely have to at some point! Most I’ve laughed in a long time!!