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So exited about my new camera

OH bought a snazzy new camera, which I have no idea how to use lol
But whilst practising last night I did get these 2 pics, which I’ve been showing to everyone like an overgrown child lol :expressionless:

Have you got any handy tips for photographing things other than shop items :grin:
Donna x


Lovely one of the moon :slightly_smiling:

I find product photograghy hard.

I used to take loads of landscape photo’s for which I always used a tripod. Pity my tripod is now broken :frowning:

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I couldn’t have taken either of those with out a tripod. It a shame about yours, they are not cheap!!

Have fun with your new camera Donna. :blush:

I don’t really know a lot about cameras other than taking photos of jewellery.
It looks like your cameras got a fab zoom. Great moon pic :crescent_moon:


I had to spend a lot of time with Google just to work out what most of the buttons were for lol I still don’t know what most of the settings are for but can’t wait to find out :grinning: I’m hoping for a really clear night with a good view of the Milky Way soon to have a go at :grinning:

Brilliant photos! Love the one of Orion (the moon looks beautiful too)! I used to have a telescope when the kids were little as astronomy was a hobby I could do easily from home. I used to love it! Have promised myself a new telescope and a good camera to hook up with it some day. For now I take all my photos on my phone (it does the trick just about!). Enjoy your camera :smile:

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The next thing on our list is a good telescope, but that’s going to take a bit more saving :slight_smile:
We’re really lucky living were we do as there is very little light pollution and have been know to sit for hours at the bottom of the garden stargazing :grin:

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That sounds wonderful! My telescope was only cheap (less than £100!) but I could still track Jupiter’s 4 biggest moons and I’ll never forget seeing the ring system around Saturn for the first time! You’ve made me realise just how much I want a telescope again! :telescope::grinning:

Wow! That sounds amazing!! I’ve never had a telescope and have just had to make do with what I can see with the naked eye. I have a amazing app on my phone and tablet which tells me what I’m looking at and what it would look like if I could actually see it lol but it’s not quite the same. I think I’m going to have to work harder to earn some more pennies for the telescope now lol

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I have been an amateur astronomer since I was a kid even managed to do a distance learning O & A level in it. Used to do astrophotography in the days of film not digital, have a lovely 8" telescope live in an area with beautiful dark skies… and have a back in such a state I can’t do it anymore!! Still live in hope as you can’t beat seeing the Orion nebula (which is in your photo!) or Andromeda galaxy through your own telescope. There is something really magical about it and I used to love being out in the garden at 3am knowing that practically everyone else was in bed and you are just one of a tiny few out seeing these things. Your pictures are very good, I have been toying with getting back into astrophotography in the digital age. Can I ask what camera it is and what is the maximum length of time you can keep the shutter open. If you ever the opportunity get a telescope. You won’t regret it. (except for sleep deprivation!!!) :smile::sparkles:

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Wow that’s a stunning photo of the moon, I’ve jut got a new camera too and am practicing like mad ever time we go out walking, or just round the garden.
For my product photography I have set up a small area by my kitchen window for light with a plain background so I can take product shots, but still learning so will invest in a couple of lamps and I really should use a tripod too now.

Its all trial an error, we learn what works for our products. So good luck and have fun!