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Hiding new shop items from view until all items are added

(Karen) #1

I’ve just added my first item to my new shop and it appears already to be live - just one little item all by itself. I’ll be adding the other items bit by bit over the next week and I’d prefer to ‘open’ a fully stocked shop, rather then items appearing one by one as I add them. Is there anyway of doing this. On Etsy you could save the listings as a draft until you were ready to activate them, but I don’t seem to have a ‘save function’, just ‘list’. Am I missing something??

(Sue) #2

We don’t mention e#*y here on the bright side.
You can hide your listings from sale. Hope this helps

(Karen) #3

I promise it will be the last time - I’m pleased it is behind me ;0)

Thanks so much for the help - I’d seen the hide button and wondered if that’s what I should do, but knew I’d get some good advice if I asked.

(Roz) #4

If you want to save your listings in draft rather than list and then hide then you need to get as far as the Preview stage and then close the page before pressing the list button - it will then be saved in drafts. Make sure you preview it before closing the page though or you will lose it.

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(Karen) #5

Thanks Roz - will try that.

(HartAndCraft) #6

As soon as you list an item you will be charged for listing it. If you keep them as drafts you will only pay when you decide to “go live”.

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(Karen) #7

That’s really helpful thanks - I’m still on my 3 free listings, but I’d soon by paying, so thanks for saving me some cash :0)

(HartAndCraft) #8

Talking of saving cash, in the quantity box you’ll be charged for every item so if you say you have 10 in stock you’ll be charged £1.50 plus vat.

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(Karen) #9

Great tip - my everyday jewellery are all one-offs anyway, but I’m just trying one of each from the bridal collection to see how it goes. I figure I can always re-list if something sells. Hopefully I’ll sell enough that I can upgrade to the Plus account - fingers crossed.