Folksy Ltd

Holiday Closure Sale :)

This is definitely not the best way to promote, but was thinking to give it a go :smile:
I came to the decision to close my shop (not for good though, will be back next year at some point), for a while so having a huge Christmas sale :slight_smile: I offer 15% OFF on everything in the next 4 days and will close my shop after.
I was thinking to carry on with the busy Christmas season, but i just cannot maintain online and face to face sales in this scale.
If anyone is interested in any of my makes, just type in “SHOPCLOSURE” at checkout.
Have a great festive period everyone!

Enjoy your break :evergreen_tree: I’m just bumping this back to the top in case anyone has missed it :wink:

Thank you very much Jan, is very sweet of you :smile: