Homepage themes for February 2023 - find the list here

Here are the homepage themes and tags for February 2023. Thank you for all your suggestions!
You can also find them on your Seller Dashboard, along with instructions explaining what you need to do to get your products included.

We’ve filled the first half of the month with Valentine’s Day-related themes to try to cover as many different gift and card buyers as possible … as well as ideas for those who don’t do Valentine’s Day :upside_down_face:

Day Theme Tag for sellers
Wed 1 Feb Valentine Gift Ideas valentine gift
Thu 2 Feb Funny Valentine funny valentines card
Fri 3 Feb Love Hearts love heart
Sat 4 Feb Treat Yourself pamper
Sun 5 Feb Valentine Cards valentine card
Mon 6 Feb Love Is Love love is love
Tue 7 Feb Send a Card to a Friend Day friendship card
Wed 8 Feb Be More Penguin penguin
Thu 9 Feb LGBTQ+ Valentine lgbtq card
Fri 10 Feb Everlasting Flowers everlasting flowers
Sat 11 Feb Isn’t it Romantic romantic
Sun 12 Feb Moon and Stars moon and stars
Mon 13 Feb Galentine’s Day galentines
Tue 14 Feb Love is in the Air love
Wed 15 Feb My Favourite Piece tag one thing only feb 23
Thu 16 Feb Hand-Dyed Wool hand dyed wool
Fri 17 Feb Yellow Ochre ochre
Sat 18 Feb Housewarming Gifts housewarming gift
Sun 19 Feb One Month Until Mother’s Day mothers day
Mon 20 Feb Hand-Built Ceramics hand built
Tue 21 Feb Incense incense
Wed 22 Feb Matt Finish matt
Thu 23 Feb Encaustic Art encaustic
Fri 24 Feb Dark Moss Green dark moss
Sat 25 Feb Reclaimed Wood reclaimed wood
Sun 26 Feb Fairytale Day fairytale
Mon 27 Feb Pandas! panda
Tue 28 Feb Mother’s Day Cards mothers day card


Could I ask a big possible favour for next month? Could the ‘My Favourite Piece’ tag be made smaller - it’s just that I always max out my tag space and it means I have to delete at least two to make it fit! Something like ‘TOTO March23’ maybe? Customers wouldn’t be searching for the tag anyway, so I’m just thinking it might make it easier for sellers to add to their listings? :slight_smile:

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Ahh yes, Sarah, it’s a shame if you need to delete other tags to make room. The reason we write it all out is because a few sellers were adding multiple items to the favourite thing theme, and we wanted to make sure it was really clear in the tag that it was just one item each. Maybe we can try to change it from April and see how we go?

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Ooh yes please, that would be awesome if you could, thanks Camilla!

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Would something like “tag 1 apr 23” work to still get across the single item while being shorter?