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House move complete, shop now open again

I am never going to move house again. It’s only two years since I last moved, and we have accumulated so much (albeit more crafts and fabric). Anyway we have survived, just.

My shop is open for business again ready for the Christmas period.


Happy new house, are you sure you’ve unpacked all the boxes? I’ve said to the other half that we are never moving as its been 10 years since the last move…

Thanks Sasha, we haven’t unpacked all the boxes yet. But as this is a two bedroom bungalow, I will be able to have my own area for my sewing etc. Can’t wait to set it all up.

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Happy New Home x
We last moved 18 years ago and declared them that we weren’t going to do it again but we’ve decided we might be persuaded to move to a nice bungalow in Cornwall when Hubby retires (although we have at least 10 years to get organised) and we still have boxes in the loft that have never been unpacked :open_mouth:

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I hope you’re happy in your new house, Marg! We’ve been here for 30 years! I remember lying in bed with my OH, gazing up at the grubby cobwebby ceiling and saying “I want to go home!” (our previous smaller but better maintained house). We’ve gone through all the renovating and are back to the point where everything needs doing again. Moving’s a nightmare at any time, but we’ve accumulated so much junk…:slight_smile:
Ooh, bungalow in Cornwall, Diane, sounds lovely…

Enjoy your new home! :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for your good wishes. I am really pleased, I have emptied nearly all the boxes we had packed so well on the way to finishing the job. Yippeee. The removal men were really great, asking the neighbours if they could move their cars so they could get their big van outside out place. They even plumbed my washer in for me. They deserved the bacon sarnies, chocolate cake and tea I supplied.


Congratulations on your new home - you sound so happy. We need a bigger one. We have been here 10 years and when we moved in we had a toddler and a new baby. We are in a two and a bit bedroom terrace. The ‘bit’ isn’t big enough for a regular sized bed. We now have 4 children, so two are in bunks in one room and the other two are in the ‘bit’ bedroom. One in a short bed and the other in a cot. They are squashed in like sardines. Sadly, finances dictate that we can’t move at the moment. Come on lottery, do your stuff!

We are in a similar position, although I only have three children. Next year we are hoping to do a loft conversion (fingers crossed) - could that be the solution for you too?

Yes, we did look into having the loft converted - even got the building regs in place and the plans drawn up. BUT they want £60,000 plus VAT to do it and we just don’t have that sort of money. Plus, the loft conversion wouldn’t add that much in value to the house if we did ever get to sell it. Makes me want to weep!

@memicrafts, hope you’re settling in to your new home and good luck with your re-opened shop.

Oh my goodness that is a lot. Sometimes whichever way you look nothing’s that easy is it? We are very, very fortunate because my husband is a plasterer/builder and will be doing a lot of our work himself. (The downside of that is that our project will, I am quite certain, take about a year to do and the mess he makes when it’s his own house would make you weep!) I hope things work out for you x

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Happy new home and how wonderful to have a craft room. We have a small 3 bedroom and 2 children - recently my son moved out - but then my daughter grabbed his room as a marking room!!! (she is a teacher) so now I am waiting for her to move out :stuck_out_tongue:

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