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Happy Thursday Morning 6/8

(Kelly) #1

Morning everyone, well it’s 2.10am and I’m just home from Cumbria! I didn’t even know I was going until around 5.30pm but I went to view a house which ended up being worth the visit. Rent & deposit is all paid, I have the tenancy and keys yay! I’ll be moving up to now on Saturday but it could be Friday, we’ll see!

My shop is in holiday mode now until I return which I’m not sure of a day since I need to change my tv, phone and internet services over and I don’t know if there’s working lines in there yet.

Will catch up in the forum in the morning, I can’t keep my eyes open now! Hope you’ve all had a crafty evening. x

(Roz) #2

Great to hear you have found a house you like. How far have you got to move? I think you are very brave moving in a couple of days - it would take me months to get everything sorted! Hope it goes well.

I am up early despite not having to go to work today - body clock never adjusts for holidays! I have just realised I have got a craft fair on Sunday and need to replenish some of my stock of smaller items so I had better stop playing around designing Christmas bits and get on with it. My eldest daughter is coming home from Uni tomorrow so I won’t get anything done then or on Saturday so only today available!


Wow kelly @tagpress that will be a quick move, it’d take me that long just to make all the lists and think about putting things in boxes lol :smiley: I hope it all goes smoothly :slight_smile:
Roz @Rozcraftz I’m the same, in fact my body clock is nasty and wakes me up earlier on days off lol :expressionless: I did like your Christmas garlands yesterday, you can never start too early :slight_smile: I keep meaning to start on Christmas lusting, but something else always come along to distract me. Maybe I’ll get a chance to do some today as I’m waiting for an emergency delivery of empty lip balm tubes, the ones I ordered last week have gone missing somewhere and I’ve now run out completely :frowning:
Donna x

(CopperTobi) #4

Wow Kelly @tagpress! Wish you fast moving with no problems :slight_smile:

(AvenueFurnishings) #5

Good morning.

Best of luck with the move @tagpress. Hope the craft fair goes well @Rozcraftz, I haven’t done one yet but maybe plan to next year.
I’m at home all day today my youngest little boy has been unwell. He had his immunisation jab the other day and I think it’s made him a bit sick. The challenge of the day will be entertaining my toddler at the same time! I think I’ll be getting the paints and play-doh out x

(sejleather) #6

Very exciting Kelly @tagpress , I wish you good luck in your new home.

Happy Thursday folks! :smile:

(Sasha Garrett) #7

Morning All,
All this talk of Christmas …Has anyone read the folksy newsletter telling us we need to start think about xmas as now is the time of year that searches for ‘stocking fillers’ goes up which got me thinking - what do people consider to be the price point for something to fall under the ‘stocking filler’ heading? On a similar vein what about ‘secret santa’? Since I’m going through sorting out my tags I was wondering if I should be adding these phrases to them, I suspect everything I make is too expensive for stockings but as secret santa gifts they might work but having never done a secret santa (or made up a stocking) I don’t know much about these things.
@tagpress - most important box when you move (should be kept at the top of the pile) is the one labelled/ containing kettle, tea/ coffee, mugs, teaspoons, biscuits, sugar, toilet paper, soap and hand cream. The other half and I agreed when we bought the current place we would never move again, been here 10 years now, still haven’t redecorated the living room much to the chagrin of my sister.

(Kelly) #8

Thanks everyone. It’s not going to be so bad as I’ve been packing over the last week here and there, things I knew I wouldn’t need to use so I’ve made it easier on myself! Plus my Son is coming from Wales today to stay until Monday as he still has holidays off work from when he went to Cyprus so he’ll be a big help to me, it was nice for him to offer! I don’t know if many 18 year olds would?

I have 2 sets of tags to make this morning for an order I received elsewhere last night before I closed so I need to be getting on with them after my coffee and I can get them posted and get everything packed away in my work space.

Sasha @SashaGarrett you’re important box check I’ve saved, genius! I’ve always ended up forgetting to put something in it like a tea spoon! I’ll get it right this time! x

(Suzzie Godfrey) #9

All I can do is echo the sentiments of all your other friends here Kelly @tagpress and say WOW! We move frequently and the bit that takes the time is the change of address. We now have a check list, divvy it up between us, and have cancelled any store cards etc, because it was too much hassle.
Good luck, hope nothing breaks, and well done.
Started knitting some stock last night whilst watching GBBO, no point just having one of everything with the Christmas rush upon us! But the new balls of wool are getting impatient, so I think I will do 2 stock items and 1 new creation, but before that I have a BBQ for my sons 18th to cook for, at the moment 20 people are coming… So a shopping list is required!
See you all later, have a productive day,
Suzzie x

(Kelly) #10

Thanks Suzzie @thistledownandHOPE. I can’t wait to see you’re new creations, I know they’ll be gorgeous! Hope you all enjoy the BBQ. x

(Suzzie Godfrey) #11

Er Kelly @tagpress, why aren’t you still in bed, you started this thread at 2.10am? Too excited? Planning rev rev revenge on motorboy next door ? Bet he’s missing you already!
Suzzie x

(Kelly) #12

You’re funny Suzzie! :laughing: @thistledownandHOPE. I don’t know why I’m awake to be honest, I woke at 7.30am but I was unsure of the time since I felt like I’d had a full nights sleep! I need to get an order made anyway plus I have a package due to arrive from America and I’m just hoping it comes today or tomorrow! Knowing my luck it won’t. x

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #13

Morning all
Kelly @tagpress that’s brilliant news about the move. Hope it all goes,well.
I hate it when you get up,so early but don’t know why.

Roz @rozcraftz hope you’re fair goes well. I’m starting to miss doing them but I’ll definitely wait until I have had my surgery before I do one.

I was going to go into town with the OH today but woken up really chesty. So will be staying at home. I have written a list for him of things I wanted. :smiley:

I can do more crafting that way too. Yay.

(Kelly) #14

Thanks Dawn @hobbitgirlie1880. Good on you making a list! x :grin:

(Kam) #15

Good Morning All!
Wow Kelly @tagpress! Sounds exciting and tiring! I hope all goes well today and you manage to get some rest!
@thistledownandHOPE and Sasha @SashaGarrett - I cannot think of Christmas yet…I’m dragging out Summer as long as I can! Lol :smile:

(Kam) #16

Have a great BBQ !

(Kim Blythe) #17

Morning everyone.
Great news Kelly @tagpress. I hope it all goes well for you.

Visiting my daughter and granddaughter this morning, then this afternoon I need to photograph and list another kitty key ring that I made yesterday. Hoping these will be good stocking fillers so want to get a few made.

Have a great day!


Every time i read the new posts on this thread I come out in a cold sweat thinking about moving! Just moving my workroom would be a nightmare, OH is a carpenter and he built all my work tables and shelves to fit this room and even the thought of having to move it let alone all the other stuff we’ve accumulated terrifies me :scream: :scream_cat:

(Sasha Garrett) #19

Sorry Kam - I booked my first xmas market stalls back in Feb, I’ve just booked my panto tickets and if any one in my family wants presents I have to think about it now as I won’t have time in Nov/ Dec. Any sort of Christmas prep that I can do now I will, I got caught out my first christmas as a seller and it was really stressful. I’m also planning next summer’s open studio now (specifically the photo for the guide), this year’s only finished 10 days ago. Got to plan ahead.

(Rhiannon Rose) #20

Morning everyone!
Wow, Kelly @tagpress you are a fast mover! Congrats and I hope it all goes well for you - every time I think about moving, I get as far as thinking “what about the cats?” and then decide it would be too complicated.