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How are items chosen to appear in gift guides?

How is work chosen to feature in gift guides? Some shops seem to have repeated exposure, with many similar versions of the same work. My work is never included, perhaps it is not considered good enough…Do any other shop owners ask the same question?


I see no reason why your work shouldn’t be included- it has just the sort of look that Folksy Admin like. I’m not complaining because I do sometimes have things included, but some people do seem to be featured a lot :slight_smile:
Perhaps they just haven’t found you yet.

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Hi Debbie! I too think it is odd as your items are lovely and well-photographed. Do you put your items in the showcase section? There are a few threads that relate to the Gift Guides. That might bring them to the attention of Folksy Admin.

Sam x

Hi Debbie. You definitely have items in gift guides but we’ve just added some more too - your work is beautiful and your product shots are looking great too (I think you’ve changed how you photograph them recently, haven’t you?). You can see what’s been added and where to on your Shop Activity page

To answer your question, we use several ways to look for items for gift guides and favourites including:

There’s more advice on how to get featured in gift guides, in our interviews, on social and in our favourites here too


It’s good to have a bullet-pointed list of how things are chosen. I haven’t had anything featured yet and wondered how to get things seen. I have noticed some shops seem to be featured a lot. Your shop is full of nice things and your photos are very clear and would suit the folksy gift guides really well.