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How are my prices?

(ByAubree) #1

Hi All,

New here and just want some opinions of my prices?

I have seen similar item priced much higher and I have not intentionally undercut them. I have just priced my items for what I think is reasonable and what customers would pay whilst taking into consideration, materials costs, time and listing fees.

Can I have your opinions please.

(Samantha Stanley) #2

Hi Aubree! I looked at your shop before and thought your prices looked reasonable. Pricing is not an exact science and different people are happy with different levels of pricing in their shops, so don’t worry about undercutting people if the prices you have set feel right to you. I expect other people will have lots of opinions about this, but in the end it is up to you!

Love Sam x

(ByAubree) #3

Thanks Sam

(Silvapagan) #4

My own personal preference is for round figures, not **.99p Your prices look reasonable though.

(ByAubree) #5

Have took the advice and rounded the prices.