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How do I add URL's?

I read Talk Folksy regularly and would like to add my work to the requests for ‘show your heart things/ flowery stuff/ Christmas gift’ posts. I have tried but have no idea where to find a URL! Everyone makes it look so easy. I feel lost in a see of technology, along with promoting on Facebook, Instagram, twitter etc, which stumps me as well!! Hoping for help… x

Click in the address bar at the top of page. The writing turns blue…right click and choose ‘copy’…then paste it into your post. That’s how I do it anyway…:slight_smile:

Open Folksy in another tab, click on the item you want to share and then copy the URL from the search bar at the top, then paste on into your reply on Talk Folksy. That’s how I do it on a laptop/desktop. Don’t know how to do it on a phone as mine is an ancient Windows phone lol
Hope that helps x

As the others have said I just have a second tab open so I can then copy and paste the url from the web address box (bit at the top of the page just under the tabs starts on the left with https…). To answer your follow up question (or at least the one that often gets asked) if you add the url as part of the line it just shows up as a clickable link like this but if you put it on a new line it looks like this