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How do I link my instagram account to my Folksy page?

Hi , I’ve been on Folksy for years and sales have dropped . I have just started Instagram but I don’t know how to link the two .

Please help !!

Thanks ,

On your dashboard look down the left hand side and you should see ‘shop appearance’ under ‘shop settings’. Click on the shop appearance link and then scroll right down to the bottom of the page where you should see several boxes for entering your social media links. Copy and paste the url from your instagram account into the the correct box and make sure you hit the big green ‘update appearance’ button. Let us know when you’re done and I’m sure someone will test the link to make you’ve done it right.

Thanks so much Sasha for the swift response ! I live in the middle of the countryside and don’t have anyone on hand to chat with . Just decided to join the Folksy community and glad I did .

Cheers ,

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Just found and followed you on Instagram :slight_smile:

Tried your instagram link and it works for me (I’m not actually on instagram to do any more than that) - love your husky, I bet she’s looking forward to winter and frolicking in snow.

Yes I managed it with the help of friendly folksy folk ! :blush:

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Yes , it’s simple when you know how ! Mila ( husky ) loves all weathers and likes to sunbathe too . Thanks again for your advice . I’m trying to be more active with social media and sales .



If you have a Facebook page you can link that in the same way. :slight_smile: Love your badgers :slight_smile:

Thanks , Joy !

I’m not on Facebook and I managed to fix it and it wasn’t difficult .:roll_eyes: !