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Arghh! problems linking Folksy and Facebook/Instagram

Why is it so hard to link Folksy to Facebook and Instagram.

I was told it was fairly simple to do, but this is the third time I have sat down for 2 hours plus trying. I just end up with dozens of different tabs open, Google, pixel, facebook, its a nightmare.

I have read the guides and they do not seem to align to what I am seeing on my screen.

Help please, close to scraping folksy as this is a nightmare.

Well I think after going down several rabbit holes, and opening various catalogues and accounts, I seem to have now completed it.

It isn’t hard at all if you make sure the link you put into the social media link box is the url to that social media.
Your Instagram link points to
But should point to
You’ve missed out the www bit…
not sure how it feels about your capitalisation but as it isn’t there on your IG page I would lose it.

If it helps this is what I have in my own ig link box:
Your FB link works fine.

PS When I did mine (years ago) I just pulled up the social media page and copy / pasted its link into the appropriate box .

If it’s any consolation I would say at least 5% of shops don’t (unlike you :slight_smile: ) bother to check their links that’s if they bother to set them up… amazing how many times I click a link to find it goes nowhere.

Joy xx

Yes, if you’re on a computer it’s just a simple matter of copy and pasting the url from the top of the browser, if you’re on a tablet/phone and using apps though it can be a lot harder to find the urls.

You should be able to write it a number of ways - with the https://, with the www. or without either, but if you do put https you have to make sure you have the :// correct, which you don’t in your instagram link.

The important thing is to have the website (“”, “” or whatever) then a “/” then the username for your page,

Thank you all.

I have linked them and the shop displays on my Facebook shop, but Facebook says I need to verify ownership before I can set up an Instagram shop.

To verify I need to copy code into my folksy shop, but there is nowhere for this to be added to Folksy.

This is the screen I have

Thanks It’s half working, see below

Thanks for the help