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How do you put items in to specific lists for you shop?

(Crystalphace Crafts) #1

I am new and still trying to fins my way around, I was able to name different lists; ‘charms’, ‘earrings’ but at the moment unable to put any items in!

Please help!

Thank you


( Carol ) #2

If you go to the shop keeping page then you can add your items to their own sections there.

(Patricia Smith) #3

If you have already chosen names for your Collections, then when you list a new item, your list of collections should come up on the page where you enter the data. You just click on the appropriate one. Alternatively, go to Dashboard then Shopkeeping, and you can click on a collection for every item you’ve already listed. You can also have more than one category for an item - for example I have ‘Earrings’ and ‘Copper jewellery’ so copper earrings go in both. This is great as it makes you think you have twice as many items! Good luck!