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How have you faired with the weather today?

How has Ex Hurricane Ophelia been treating you today? Been lucky here in Suffolk, got 2 lots of washing dry on the line this morning, it was so warm, this afternoon and now there is an eerie colour going on but just a bit of a breeze, ‘up North’ and over in Ireland where I have family has been hit quite hard so be careful out there.

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Been warm and weird. Red sun most of the afternoon making it quite tricky to see what tile colours I was using in the orangey half light it was giving out :smiley:

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I’m in SW London, and the sky turned such a doomy sort of yellowy green at about 3.00 this afternoon. It’s still pretty dark, but otherwise not much occurring. The 1987 hurricane was quite bad in these parts, but luckily that was in the night so not many people out and about.
Hope everyone’s OK!..

This was taken mid afternoon…

Here on the East coast of Suffolk, there is such a warm breeze and that eerie golden light.
The calm before the storm?
Suzzie x

In Derbyshire we had the strange orange sky and dull red Sun late this morning. It then went very dark with the sky remaining a strange orange colour (I thought at one point I might have to switch the lights on!). It then brightened up a bit and the red Sun reappeared before all the colour returned to normal during mid-afternoon. It’s getting very gusty here now.

It has just reached us (Dumfries & Galloway, SW Scotland) - very windy out there!

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We had the red sun and weird orange light this morning but it eventually brightened, unfortunately too late to photo some earrings for listing. At least we were safe and we had no damage, news is not good for others. we are certainly having odd weather. Here in the West Country we have had so much fog this Summer it’s stayed all day, more like Autumn.

Hey everyone :wave: I’m Nicole, I’m very new to Folksy so still a wee bit lost haha :wink:

I live on the east coast of Northern Ireland and it was very scary yesterday!..even the cat was freaked out! We were very lucky though! Unfortunately 3 people lost their lives. Very sad :broken_heart::pensive:

Thinking of you guys! Stay safe! :two_hearts::blush:

We stared in awe at that red sun yesterday, how weird it was, glad I saw it but glad it’s gone!

A bit windy here in Derbyshire during the night, but all OK.

Welcome to @nicolemiller, I’ll have a little looksie at your shop in a minute, I hope you do very well here.

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Aww thank you @plumporridge so lovely of you! :hugs: :sparkling_heart:

Yes, I saw photos of the red sun on Instagram yesterday…very beautiful but bizarre too! :flushed: The weather has been so strange lately. So glad it’s not too bad in Derbyshire, worried about the areas of the UK that it’s reaching now :confused: Just hoping for everyone’s safety.

Looking forward to browsing your shop of handmade loveliness :blush::two_hearts:

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