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Windy weather

How’s the windy weather where you are? I’ve just been in the garden collecting a couple of watering cans and a bucket that are being blown about and I’ve moved the wheely bins to a sheltered location, the last time we had a very windy day one of the bins was blown into my car and left it with a couple of small dents.
take care everyone x

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I’m hoping its died down before I have to go out on my bike this evening - I think it might prove really hard peddling in one direction and really easy going the other way.

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It’s extremely windy here. But sure it will all blow over by tomorrow!!

Very windy here in Devon too, lots of branches down on the roads.
Doris is having her Day


Just had to call the insurers as 5 ridge tiles have been blown from the roof and smashed on the floor! :scream:. Just hope no more blow off!! Can’t begin to imagine what it must be like to be in a proper storm! :fearful:

Just been out to do some shopping for my Dad - had to manoeuvre past several fallen trees. Am hoping I can stay inside now for the rest of the day.

Not too bad here (near York) it’s windy and rainy but not a storm (yet) just hoping Doris goes away tonight as Hubby has tomorrow off and we were hoping to go to Whitby for the day :frowning:

Well so far, one bin over and one fence panel blown down, a new one too. Stay safe! :slight_smile:

Oh dear… just been sent this from a friends neighbours house!!

Extremely windy here in rural Nottinghamshire, the skylight on my caravan has been lifted up, a fence panel has crashed down into my garden and my driving instructor had to cancel my lesson as there’s a lot of big branches in the road. Hope that everyone is ok. Stay indoors and batten down the hatches!!!

I’ve spent minimal time in the studio today as I have a massive old oak tree overhead! I was scared stiff in there! I am however drying some towels on the line with about 6 pegs on each - hehe!
Travel chaos here in South Hampshire, trees on the train lines and ferry crossings cancelled.
I’ve been out a few times but haven’t seen any fence panels down - wheelie bins everywhere though as it was bin day today and they are all empty!

Half of my village has lost it’s electric, luckily the half I’m in is ok. The kettles on if you want a cuppa x

Here in Leicester wheelie bins have been a problem, part of a neighbours fence is over and my poor daughter (heavily pregnant) was so lucky on her lunch break, as the window in her office she was sitting near blew in, she had just got up to get a glass of water and it happened …she said she was almost crying it was such a close call, it almost smashed her phone and took her bag with it, everyone said she was so lucky she got up when she did!

Oh no, I hope she’s got over the shock, these things can be so scary. Sending hugs

Hope everyone is ok after Doris. It seems very quiet here after yesterday when we had trees toppling all over the place.