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Hurricane the tail end of

How windy is it where you are.

We are having some mild to heavy gusts and the sky keeps changing from dark with heavy rain clouds to white fluffy ones and blue sky.

I hope everyone stays warm and dry.

DH left early this morning to drive down the country roads and villages to get into the office. Last time we had bad gale force winds he and a few other’s had to get out of their cars and clear the road of fallen tree bits.

I think it’s a day for staying in the warm and dry and getting on with making things.

Although I’m going out to a lecture this evening.

Hhhmmm…it is quite windy up north today. Hope everyone is safe!

Unless I slept through it, it seems to have missed Hereford , just a good drying day here :smiley:

Windy enough but the sunflowers are still hanging in there. Just have to make sure I shut the garage door or it is likely to crash off its hinges.

I’ve just seen a yikes moment.

I heard a drill type sound and looked out of the landing window to see a workman up an unsecured ladder with a huge masonry drill drilling holes in the back wall of a nieghbours house. A sudden gust of wind and he nearly fall. He’s come down and the drill is still in the wall.

Why oh why would anyone go up an unsecured ladder with a huge drill in this unpredictable weather. Still one minute then sudden heavy gusts of wind the nex.

Might I nominate him for a ‘Darwin Award’ :stuck_out_tongue:


I did expect to have a few windy day’s seen as we are in Florida and a lot closer than some, but it’s been very calm so far.

still pretty windy in London, A woman got killed by a falling tree earlier on today (in North London) terrible :o(

West London …duh!

It’s getting worse again here some really big gusts and we are going out to a lecture and have other people to pick up. Thankfully it’s only 10 minutes away by car.

DH said the wind was bad coming home from work and you had to have your wits about you. Just glad he didn’t take his little sports car but took his much heavier and larger Lexus V8

Heavy wind and it has been raining on and off and we have also been getting rainbows which we all love seeing.

Very blustery here - trellis and bird table blown over. Garden bags all over the borders!! Hopefully nothing worse though…

Been meaning to ask - what was the Lecture and was it good ? xx