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How should I finish this blanket?

(Roz) #1

I have been experimenting with nuno felting and decided that the lovely soft and warm nature of the wool lent itself not only to scarves but also to a nice blanket so I set about making a baby patchwork blanket.

I still have a couple of rows to add to it yet (run out of fabric at the moment - bad planning!) but am wondering how I should finish the blanket.

  1. Should I put some backing material on it or just leave the front and back the same?
  2. Should I edge it with tape or ribbon or just stitch around the edge?
  3. Should I persevere with it or is a baby blanket that is cool hand wash only a non starter?!

Any thoughts gratefully received.

(Lynn Britton) #2

Oooh! Roz that’s beautiful, I’ve never done felting so really not sure how you can finish it, maybe you could put a backing on it and blanket stitch the two together around the edge.
Lynn x

(Stephanie Guy) #3

Beautiful work Roz, it looks so soft. Does it really need to be edged? I guess if it’s for a baby then perhaps ribbon so that they don’t chew fibres off. Whatever you use you need to keep the softeness. You do have a point about cool hand wash not being suitable for baby sick…could you sell it as a lap blanket instead?