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How to get in magazines ! Heidi Kench!

(Susan Brown) #1

I have been on Folksy for a year now and its been a great showcase for my hair pieces. A couple of months ago I contacted my local magazine Shepperton Matters and asked if they supported local crafts people , and would they like to come to my house to see my work. Well I am on the front cover of this months issue with a whole page article about me and my hair pieces Heidi Kench. Its always worth a go to contact magazines , as you never know unless you try !!

(Miss Magpiejewellery) #2

Wow thats amazing! Congratulations this is a dream of mine one day!
would you suggest sending samples of work or photos to magazines or do you think this would be wasted time and expense? katex

(Susan Brown) #3

I looked up my local magazine and asked if they supported local crafts people , knowing that that probably would. You need to make your article sound interesting . Just give them a great hook to use and go from there.Good luch. Heidi

(Miss Magpiejewellery) #4

thanks for the advice Heidi xx

(Hazel Rayfield) #5

Well done Heidi, it is a good idea :slight_smile:

I have been featured in a couple of magazines, another, this time in a Dolls House and Miniature publication due out very soon, featuring my miniature art. They approached me as I followed them on twitter and facebook and they asked if I would like to do a piece … so always a good idea to network :slight_smile:


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(Susan Brown) #6

Thats great !!! Well done !!!

(Hazel Rayfield) #7

Thank you Susan … and sorry I called you Heidi before :slight_smile:

(Susan Brown) #8

No probs I answer to both. I the USA I am known as Heidisue !!