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How to show my shop has a sale on

Hi all, how do I put a sale on in my shop, I have reduced things before but do not know how to mark my shop as having a sale?

There are a few ways that I can think of you could indicate that you have a sale on:
i) set up a sale or clearance collection with all of the reduced items in it (you can set up collections via the dashboard)
ii) set your shop announcement to say that you have a sale on - shop announcement is under shop settings on the dashboard and appears on every product listing in your shop (you could also change your shop banner, there are free online banner makers for this)
iii) you could tag your items ‘sale’ or ‘january sale’ - this would help people if they are searching the site for sale items
iv) add the word ‘sale’ to the title of the items that are reduced.
Hope that helps

Thanks sasha, that’s really helpful.