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New year sale - best way to do it?

I am having a bit of a reorganisation of my shop in the New year and have made the decision to try and sell off various things that won’t fit into my new shop so I am going to have a sale but wondering what the best way to do it is.

  1. Reduce prices of the items I want to sell and maybe make up a “Sale” collection.

  2. Remove items I want to keep at full price from my shop and offer a blanket discount on all items.

I’m guessing the first option may be best for the folksy browser (do they exist?!) as they will see the reduced prices in search results and the second option may be better for targeted customers - e.g… followers on Facebook etc.

What do others think?

I’d say go for option 1 rather than de-list your current items. Alternatively you could set up a new shop specifically for your sale items.