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(Sue) #81

Thank you for the wonderful compliment Karen, I’m undecided yet, when I showed the photos to some of my family yesterday they said it was confusing as to what I was actually selling! So I think I’ll gradually change some of my photos and see what happens. Summer is a slow selling period for me anyway, so I won’t really know for a while yet
The last thing I bought was from your closing down sale!

Go and have a look everyone, lots of beautiful items in Karen’s shop :blush:

(Karen) #82

Thank you Sue - just 1 week to go until I close.

I’d definitely keep the photos but if you do find they’re causing confusion just swap them around so the more obvious one is first and then I’m sure the more detailed one will just give you that boost towards a sale.


I bought two soaps from new shop in The Shire

(Andrea Thomas) #84


I have just bought two lovely items from Natalie Farrell, i’d like to say they are a gift for some lucky person…but they’re not! They are all mine!! :slight_smile:

(Sue Beacham) #85

I bought the two items from fellow folksy workers, arnt they Just great,

please support these shops and promote when you can…also mine Thanks


(Danielle Hall Nicola Malia) #86

I love Folksy shopping, I saw these earrings advertised on the Folksy Shop Group Facebook page and within minutes they were mine! They look amazing and I love the way they hang.

(Lynn Britton) #87

I love buying from Folksy, there are so many fab goodies to choose from.
I’ve just purchased these two brilliant cards from Sarah @SarahBoddy for a couple of my friends’ birthdays

(Bekki Stevenson) #88

Bought this awesome dudette from Debbie @SteamBearCo. It is fantastic and very well made, the stuffing feels satisfyingly squidgy. Thanks Debbie!

(Debbie Lane) #89

Hello Bekki
Glad you liked your Dudette❤️

(Johanna Makinen) #90

I bought one of these - there’s so much lovely stuff on here, I need to sell some of my own stock to make room for more purchases!

(Sue Beacham) #91

Hi everyone, it so lovely to see so many of you on this thread I started, like you all I like to support our fellow folksy shops and buy when I can.

Well done to you all

Sue …

(Plumporridge) #92

I just received these, purchased from @StephShortSupplies and they are so pretty. I am going to use them as price tickets for my stall, I think they will look gorgeous and are a perfect size for the job. Thank you Steph.

(BrambleandBurt) #93

I love to buy (and sell!) on folksy, I have just bought three cards from @janecrick which I am going to frame, a beautiful tiny knitted plant from @fancyknittles and a picture ’ looking out to sea’ by @DaisyCampbell, I have a long list of favourite items which I am slowing working my way through when the purse strings allow, There are many fabulous and unique shops/items which you never find or see on the high street.

(fancyknittles) #94

Thank you very much! I’m happy you love my violet :slight_smile:

(Christine E.) #96

This thread is to show things you’ve bought from other sellers :slight_smile: There are other threads to show your own items…

(PreciousGifts17) #97

I’ve deleted it says will be removed within 12hours. Sorry people for In correct listing.

(TheRusticPaperie) #98

I’ve purchased these 3 items today on Folksy today. :smiley:

(Zoe Fowler) #99

I recently purchased these items and they are fantastic!

(Tina Martin) #100

Bought this lovely little daisy;

(Sue Beacham) #101

I’ve bought this jewellery to give as a gift for a friend who is passionate about PINK :sparkling_heart::bride_with_veil:please continue to support our folksy shops, especially new shops, Ruth shop link is below