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I can't access folksy

There seems to be a glitch with the security certificate Doug @dougfolksy
I’m just getting this message

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Me to try several times this morning but no joy

I am having trouble too (with Safari - haven’t tried on PC yet). Eventually got in via bookmarked page but things not showing properly, and no photos.

Me too been tryng for the last hour.

We’re really sorry everyone - there’s a certificate issue and we’re working to fix it as quickly as possible.

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It’s working for me!

Seems to be working again now, able to log in.

Hello – we’re really sorry about the issues this morning.
We’ve got it fixed, now, and are running through things with a fine-toothed-comb to make sure there aren’t any other issues.
Thanks so much for bearing with us,

(Sorry for the cross-post from the other thread – back to checking things over for me!)


Yay! Thank you Doug @dougfolksy :grin:

Thank you! I just logged in to report this, but it’s fixed already!