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Site not secure?

I have just been marking items as shipped, also re-listing items, but everytime I do this I get a warning saying:

The information that you’re about to submit is not secure

Because the site is using a connection that’s not completely secure, your information will be visible to others.

Anyone else getting this? It has only been doing it today,

I got that earlier too when I relisted some items.


I just relisted some items without getting any warnings. Have you checked that there aren’t any updates for your computer?

Yes, all up to date.

Yes I got the same when I needed to amend the wording on one of my listings

Drop an email to Doug/ support so that he can look into it. (I’ve just updated a listing without seeing any warnings so wondering if its specific to a certain browser)

Yes I’ve been getting this. Using Chrome as always and although my laptop finished an update yesterday morning it was ok all day yesterday. I assumed it was an issue my end and just hoped it’d fix itself, so I’m glad to hear it isn’t but sorry to hear it’s causing wider problems.

ok, so it seems a few people are having the same issue…I’ll drop an email to Folksy. Someone has posted about it on the Folksy Clubhouse Facebook group too.
@folksycontent @dougfolksy

I’ve flagged it up with Doug and he’s having a look. He says our security certificates are up to date so it could be a browser issue, but he’s going to look into it now. Could you let know what browser and version or operating system you’re using when you see that warning?

I’ve just found it’s fine when using firefox but the warning comes up with Chrome

Hi Camilla, thank you. I’m using Chrome on a PC, and Windows 10.

Also Chrome Version 87.0.4280.88.
And yes, it’s not showing there’s anything wrong with the certificate.

Not getting a problem on Firefox, Internet Explorer or Chrome on my phone, which is running Version 85.0.4183.127.

Hello – I’m just trying to replicate the issue without much success for the moment.
Is it something that’s happening for editing only certain items or is it all of them?
Could you let me know which items it seems to be affecting?
If you see it again, could you paste the URL here so I could have a look at it?
I’m going to keep investigating but any additional information you could give me would be really helpful.
In the meantime, thanks so much for the heads up on this!

I get it when relisting any of my items, and it also happened when I was marking an item as ‘shipped’.
This is the url when the warning comes up, which is the listing page, so not sure how helpful it is.

I had that when putting my shop in and out of holiday mode today (I was at a real live fair with real live people - yay!) and updating my announcement. My Windows 10 updated itself last night, I assumed that was what triggered it, but maybe not. Am using Chrome browser.

Hello – just letting you know I’m still looking into it.
In the Google Chrome security tools I’m getting a clean bill of health for every page that people have mentioned in this thread so far:

I can only think that the latest update to Chrome on Windows (I’m running the latest update on Ubuntu) is reporting something as erroneous, possibly by mistake if the same version has no issues on other devices. I’ve had a look through the source for the page and there are a couple of references to HTTP URLs – they shouldn’t affect anything as they’re not part of any mixed content or forms, however it’s possible that Chrome on Windows now thinks that’s an issue.
I’ll keep investigating and I’ll look into removing any HTTP URL references from the pages’ source – that’ll be a bit of a deep dive, though, so it won’t be immediate.
In the meantime, any more information would really help – I can see some of you have already posted some more, thanks so much for that!

Chrome on my android tablet when relisting an item

Hmmm yes, I attributed it to the Windows update because that was last night but I did update Chrome - yesterday? the day before? - and I don’t think I have updated anything on Folksy since then.

I have changed stock levels items on the main ‘Manage Listings’ ( page without getting the error though.


Thanks for looking into this. I’ve encountered the same issue today. I’m using Chrome 87.0.4280.88 on Windows. The changes get processed fine when you click ‘send anyway’ but it is flashing up the error when trying to make changes to any item - editing listings and relisting groups of items both affected.

I just tried to do some relists as an experiment and got the “not secure” message.
I am on a laptop with windows 10 and my laptop did updates this morning.
Hope that helps.