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I Like the Purple Gift Guide Button!

Just spotted on the signed in front page the nice purple button that links easily to all the Gift Guides! Sooo much easier, thank you Folksy! And there is a nice variety of guides too - they may have all been there before, but I could never find the list of them easily! Just had a happy half hour browsing :slight_smile:


Trouble is, it’s on every page in our shops.

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I don;t mind that so much as I minded the huge pink blob, funnily enough :slight_smile: I think it’s because it appears on the front page, is smaller and neater, and looks more part of the furniture.


I’ll admit it’s not as prominent as the button was.

Update from James on the blog post here:

UPDATE 16 Dec 2014

We have stopped the testing on the item page gift guide feature and it is no longer visible on Folksy. The experiment was showing that there were fewer conversions with the badge (but only marginally) and because of this and the general negative feedback on the release, we have decided to ditch it.

Another means to navigate to gift guides has been deployed and is now viewable on the categories nav (on desktop) and the top of the page on mobile view. This was suggested by quite a few sellers and should be a more effective solution to enable buyers to find what they want as it is in the general categories / search area of the page and is persistent across the main ‘buying’ views on Folksy.




This is a much better solution, I do like the new button, I love browsing the gift guides myself and knowing that it’s not taking potential sales away from us by using the new link is awesome

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I’ve a small purple half circle button at the top of my pages and admit i really like it, it’s not in your face and doesn’t distract from the item page and its not shouting leave this page and look somewhere else
Well done folksy for listening to your sellers :smile:


It looks so shy. Popping out quietly like it’s afraid to show its face. Frightened we are going to scare it away like we did with its big brother.


Thank you Folksy for listening. I like the purple button :slight_smile:

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Yes it gets my vote too. Now they need to work on getting more sellers into the gift guides. Thank you Folksy admin!
Rosalind x


Yes I am in favour of it as well. Shame it is a bit late for this Christmas and I just have to work out how to get in it!!

This is good news - I spotted the little purple button and I like it! I went and browsed the Gift Guides - there’s something quite enticing about a small purple spot, that says “Gift Guides”!

Only one issue James and @sianfolksy - when I printed out a receipt for a customer’s order, the purple spot was printed on that too. Could it be altered, so it doesn’t appear on receipts please?


Morning @sianfolksy I’m not sure if there is a bug, i posted a link to one of my items on facebook and instead of a picture of the item i got a picture of the purple gift guide button
this is the item in question

Hope you can help
Jax x

@JacquelineOJewellery Hmm, not really my field of expertise…
Maybe @JamesB @dougfolksy can help?

@LizzieMade That’s definitely one for the buglist.


Thanks for replying Sian :smile:

I prefer it too but I’ll add my tuppence worth to @LizzieMade, it’s printed on my receipts too and it would be better if it wasn’t. Thanks Folksy. :smiley:


I noticed it on a receipt I printed today and I don’t mind it being there, if it gets a customer back onto Folksy to have a nose around maybe that is a good thing, after all it is quite visible when they are buying.
Rosalind x

I much prefer the purple button too…noticeable but not in your face…


Thank you Folksy. I think the purple button is so much nicer.

I’m very much in favour of this - appropriate position by the navigation bar and style consistent with the front page so folks recognise it and know what to expect. Thank you to Folksy for making this change!