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I want to promote you

Hi everyone,

Ive decided that I want to promote something from a Folksy seller everyday on my Facebook page, its good for you, in that you get a free promotion, and good for me in that it keeps my page interesting!

Ideally I’d like it if you have a Facebook page too, so you can share the link to yours, so if your on Facebook please let me know and i’ll have a look at your shop and Facebook page and start saving up some lovely things to share :smile:

Ps. Loving the fact that its so much easier to put pictures on here now!! Upload a picture if theres something in particular you’d like me to share

Thank you!! :sunny: :smile:



How about this Tibetan silver and green glass pearl bracelet. Half of the purchase price goes to Yorkhill Childrens Charity, Glasgow.

i have facebook too. :smiley:



Hello my name is kirri from max,ollie and me,

I would love to be included an i would share you and the link on my Facebook page. this is my FB link

and my shop link where i sell handmade textiles and ceramics

please feel free to contact me xxx


Good idea! I am chuffed with my stylish Paris bag at the moment - and my fb page is

Happy Easter w/e!


Kind offer - I can be found on Facebook here:

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Thank you all, I’ve just gone and ‘liked’ all your pages, and I’ll choose one to promote for tomorrow! Thank you for relying, your shops are all gorgeous!

PS. I’ll also tweet and pin when I put the item on Facebook, every bit helps! :smile:


replying, not relying!

A very generous offer Moonflame :slight_smile:

This is my page

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Hi I would love it if you could share my Facebook page.
I will do the same for yours too.

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Hello Moonflame, what a lovely idea, unfortunately I don’t do Facebook, but if there is anything here: that you’d like to promote, that would be wonderful.
Lynn x

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Hi Moonflame, thank you a lovely idea.
My Facebook page is
I would like you to share this bag.

shoulder bag

I will share your page too!


Very nice of you

I’m on facebook

Here is my shop link with many different things to choose from

Thank you and I can promote one of your items either on facebook, pinterst, twitter, stumble upon or google+

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I would love it too if you could share my page too.
You’ll find me here on Facebook.
and on here.

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Hiya Lynn,

Yes of cause, its open to everyone, when I share something from your shop I’ll let you know, thanks for getting involved :smile:

Hi @moonflame

That’s very kind of you. My page is


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WOW! What a great response!! Ive got loads of wonderful things to share!! I’ll start tomorrow and when I share something from your shop I’ll send you a message to let you know!

Thanks so much everyone, my Facebook page will be full of gorgeousness!!

I’ll keep checking this thread so if you haven’t already put your facebook page on here please do, I will see it!

A brilliant idea :smile: I am new around here so could do with all the help I can get!

I can be found on facebook at

My favourite piece is currently based on my own wedding jewellery; a Byzantine chainmaille necklace with sparkling AB Czech glass bead


Hiya, that’s so kind!
I have just listed these new style tags today in my supply shop

I also have a facebook page

Thanks so much! Steph x

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Hi, Moonflame, my shop is and my FB page can be found at

I’ll go and check out your shop now and everyone elses a bit later - it great to find new shops.


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That’s a very generous offer - hope you won’t be too overwhelmed by replies! I have a facebook page, which I’d be delighted for you to share if you don’t already have too many.

Thanks so much :smile:

Edited: here’s a link to my Folksy shop too

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