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Promoting you on instagram

Hello everyone.
I know one of the members of the forum has offered free promotion for people on Facebook but im offering free promotion for people on instagram.

So if you fancy me showing off afew of your items on my instagram leave me a hello here.


Very kind of you - I have no idea how you use Instagram though!! :confused:

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I don’t know how to use instagram, so would be very pleased to have you promote anything from my shop.
Lynn x

Have not mastered instagram myself, but please do share some bits if willing :slightly_smiling:

I’m more than happy to put some of .your.items on instagram.
Instagram is.very addictive and other have found it easier than other social media to use.

I’ll start to post on instagram tomorrow morning. :smile:

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hi I`ve never used instagram I wouldn’t know where to start you are more than welcome to put some of my stuff on thanks

Thank you very much, I also don’t understand instagram, did open an account once, but didn’t know what to do. Would be really great if you could share something of mine, thanks. :slight_smile:

Hi there, too kind! Im on instagram (ust search: featheredavenue) What is yours so I can like, share, follow :slight_smile:

That’d be great, thank you for the kind offer! :slight_smile:

Hi, I am on instagram and took the plunge a couple of months ago and have to say I love it. I will pop a few of your items on mine as well - if I can work out how to do that lol Thanks it’s been a very quiet month for me and could do with the exposure. Thanks

Fantastic going to start playing on there in a min. I have followed you feathered avenue @featheredavenue my id is beaded.treasures

Claire @kernowclaire I’m following you. I use my mobile and take a screen shot of the item. So when you are in the item you can take a photo of your own scree by holding down the off button on must phones.
I don’t know how to do it on tablets or pcs.
Hope that helps.

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Hay I love Instagram and use it quite alot. Not got any sales out of it as yet but its still early days :+1:

Thank you for the love

Yes please Dawn @hobbitgirlie1880 - how do you put other peoples images onto Instagram so that I can promote back please?

Thank you @hobbitgirlie1880, I appreciate that. I do need to look up how to do Instagram but I’m still struggling with Facebook!!

That’s kind of you to take the time, we’d love to be included too.
Instagram is on this year’s to do list, just need a better phone :wink:

I just looked in your shop but it says you haven’t got anything listed.

@hobbitgirlie1880 that’s a brilliant idea, I’m off in a minute to find and follow the ones mentioned above. Gotta say, I’m a bit surprised (only a bit) that so many don’t use Instagram ( having said that, I don’t really use Pinterest as I just don’t get it! hears people gasp)

I’ll admit my eldest set up my Instagram account, (urban_fairy) but I’ve found it fairly straight forward from the start and learning as I go. There are some amazing accounts, interseting things and people to follow and I’ve conversed with some lovely people/crafters. I’m guessing (hobbit girlie) your Instagram name is beadedtreasures so I’ll look for that, if not let me know!

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@hobbitgirlie1880 It would be lovely if I could be included in your generous offer. Unfortunately I don’t have an up to date mobile to join in! I will try to promote you in other ways.

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Would love to be included - not sure how to use instagram!

Hi Rachel.
If you take a screen shot of your mobile or tablet screen you can post it on instagram.

Like that. Does that help!?! :-/ sometimes my explanations are terrible.

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