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Want to add your shop to my Facebook promotion?


I’m busy promoting all the shops on my Facebook promotion thread. Do you want to add your shop, all are welcome even if you don’t have a Facebook page.

Thanks. Natasha

(Julia Stevens) #2

Hello there, Hope you are well. I m very new to Folksy and my shop is: I have a facebook page called Everlasting Leaves too which you can hook up to. Thank you for the help. Julia

(Donna) #3

Hi there, I’d love a bit of Facebook promotion please :slight_smile: I don’t have a fb account anymore so it would be appreciated.
Whilst I remember, have you got any 1inch double sided white satin ribbon? I did look in your shop but couldn’t see any :smile:

(GiftsWithGlitz) #4

That would be great


@RedDragonDesigns Sorry, I don’t have any at the moment, I will be ordering some ribbons tomorrow, I can order 25mm double sided white satin for you. Is there a pacific amount you need? Please let me know.

Many Thanks

(Donna) #6

I usually buy it in 25m rolls, is that doable?


@RedDragonDesigns. That’s fine. How many rolls do you need? The price per roll will be £3.80. Please let me know if this is ok for you.

Natasha x

(Donna) #8

That’s perfect, if you could get me 3 rolls that’d be great :smile:
Thank you xx


Thank you. Do you want me to do a custom order for you?

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(Tina Martin) #10

Hi, yes, I would love for you to promote my shop, I have a facebook page;

Really kind of you, thank you soooo much
Tina xx

(Donna) #11

Yes please :slight_smile:


Thanks. Will do a custom order@RedDragonDesigns.

(Donna) #13

That’s great. If you send me the link when it’s done I’ll pop over and buy them :slight_smile:


Custom listing is now in my shop @RedDragonDesigns

Thanks. Natasha x

(Danielle Clarke) #15

Hi there; thankyou for taking the time to do this, I’d love to be promoted! in return I can do the same X

My shop is nellid

(CoastalCrafts) #16

Hi, only started listing this month so any promotion greatly appreciated. Thanks

(pamcodner) #18

That would be great, thank you.

(Lily Lily Handmade) #19

I am not on Facebook so that would be brilliant, thank you! :slightly_smiling:

(Muranomagic) #20

Yes please! I would love some promotion - thank you.

(Sharon Greaves) #21

Hi Natasha,
That would be really lovely, I am not sorted with a Facebook page yet so appreciate any promotion.
Kind regards, Sharon.p.s. I have got Instagram sorted though