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Ideas for a nerd?

It’s my best friend’s birthday in November and I want to get her something she’ll love. She’s a gaming nerd, and likes things like xbox, technology, lego and that sort of thing.
Does anyone have any items that she’d like?

I have some great mathematical art she might like to hang on her wall.
here is the link to the mathematical section of my shop to see if it is something she might enjoy -

Hope you find something you think she would enjoy for her birthday. Good Luck

I do a geek chic print listed with these motivational prints - take a look here:

I can change the quote to anything you like or change the girl to one of the other girls too.

These were designed for chemistry nerds but the idea could easily be adapted to have the xbox (?) square, circle, triangle, cross icons as the raised detailing rather than the element details.

We have a quirky gaming dice treasure chest, perfect for those who love board games.