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Ideas for keeping someone occupied whilst recuperating!

(Helen Dale) #1

A friend of mine has recently undergone a major op leaving her housebound for a couple of months. I wanted to buy her a ‘kit’ of some sort to keep her entertained. She’s not really a crafty type - but I figured this may be a good time to convert her. Anyone have any suggestions for things available on folksy?

(sandranesbitt) #2

I have some lovely knitting kits. Someone recently bought one for someone in the UK that had an accident in New Zealand. I had to send it to the hospital

you can find them all here -

my best seller is this one

(Helen Dale) #3

I did see that one and thought it looked nice. But I need a complete beginners kit for whatever it is. I suspect she’s never felted/knitted/ crocheted or anything else before

(sandranesbitt) #4

Oh I see .

I have some how to cast on , knit , purl and cast off instructions I can send with it. But it might totally frustrate her if she is trying to start from scratch.

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(Stephanie Guy) #5

Oooh fab idea! How about a needle felting kit from Diane at @mothergoose ?

and this is the link to her collection

I had never thought of needle felting into a cookie cutter but I saw someone do it on Friday and it’s very easy, very effective, and very theraputic!

This is very cute too

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(Helen Smith) #6

I have a kit for making flowers on a flower loom in my other shop…

Or, when I was in hospital a thoughtful friend bought me a few very small cross-stitch kits. I’ve never been one for hand embroidery but these kits were really satisfying to do, as they were small they didn’t feel overwhelming.

(Deborah Jones) #7

How about a needle felting kit , I bought one for my mum and it kept her busy for quite a while and the end result was really pleasing. It it a small , easily contained craft too.
There are quite a few on here.

(Sue) #8

Someone must have made a colouring book, there very popular at the moment too

(Sarah Lambert) #9

@SueTrevor Little Black Heart has some zombie colouring sheets, I saw them the other day.