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Hi folks,
I hope I’m not being cheeky for asking this on here now that I’m no longer able to sell on Folksy. (If I’m not allowed to ask this here then please just delete it Folksy! But if it helps whenever I may live in the UK again I will sell here! :innocent: hahaha)

Anyway- I’m looking to expand! Basically I have an open work permit for in Canada while my husband works the job he came here to do- but it seems the 2 year time limit on my permit is a bit of a turn off for employees. Apparently I have to dedicate my life to them or whatever. So OH keeps telling me I should use it as an excuse to just focus solely on my artwork and expand.
Now- before Christmas I was given a suggestion and an offer- basically a very close family friend has offered to help me out in terms of putting my designs on to items (his example was like, mugs, tea towels that sort of thing). He used to own a company that did that very thing and made a substantial amount of money doing it (he retired at 40!) but he loves keeping busy and loves starting businesses up basically so he’s offered to invest and put the time in to develop that side of things for me so I can continue with the designing/art side of things.

My question was- I’m wondering what items people usually buy, or would buy with images printed on them?

Also- as a secondary thought which has come to me as I type…if I’m still registered as self employed in the UK and only living temporarily in Canada, and say- if items that are being made with my designs on are being made and sold in the UK… can I still sell on Folksy do you reckon?! (Am I trying my luck here!) haha

Thanks folks!! :slight_smile:

  • and sorry for any late replies. I’m 7 hours behind the UK. :slight_smile:
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I can see your fishy prints working well on mugs and tea towels (the sort of thing I might buy) - even on cushions or a border on curtains in coastal cottages (I’m a bit land locked here so fish curtains would look a bit weird in my house but a shower curtain would work).
As to whether or not you would be allowed to sell those items on here I suspect the official line would be no but if the family friend was prepared to let you register yourself as working at his address, everything was made in the UK and you promised to visit him once a year to discuss designs then you could spend the rest of the year overseas ‘seeking inspiration’. That might be bending the rules a rather a lot but I won’t tell anyone…

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Hope you are settling in & enjoying your new adventure. I could certainly see some of your designs working well on mugs, tea towels and cushions, also cards. Couldn’t answer the question as to whether you could sell via Folksy. Good luck.

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Good luck in Canada!

I could see some of your designs on fabrics. Cushions, throws, Tea towels, Curtains/drapes/blinds. Some clothing maybe an option. such as t shirts and sweatshirts.

Ceramics are another strong possibility. Themed tableware could be an idea.

It really depends on who and where you want to market to.

Also I should drop a line to Folksy and ask the question regarding your status. They can only say no.

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:fish: :notes: You shall have a fishy on a little dishy. You shall have a fishy when the boat comes in :musical_note:

Ceramics would look good, matching tea towels and pot holders etc. :slight_smile:

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Awesome thanks for the replies guys!! It’s been helpful- you’ve confirmed a few ideas I had (and given me a few more) so that’s good!! Thank you!

Say I was allowed to sell on here (or just for when we come back anyway)- I am allowed to sell products like that aren’t I?
So say- I’ve done the original lino print- and then it’s been printed onto other things- like teatowels for example. That’s okay to sell?
I still want to sell the original lino prints as well. I just wanted to double check the rules for things I technically haven’t done myself.
Because I’m thinking for example that once scanned in at a high-resolution- the image can then be played about with- shrunk down/blown up, repeated, rotated, colour changed etc etc. Would that still be okay?
Just want to play by the rules! :innocent:

Thanks again guys! Really appreciate your help! And thanks for the well wishes!! Back down to almost -30 degrees today with a good fresh foot of snow on the ground so- I think I’m going to stay in today & work on ideas! Haha

So long as it was your own design/ artwork then it would come under the ‘original design’ clause in the T&Cs and you could get your image manipulated then printed on to anything you like and sell it here (providing you’re back in the UK).

Fab thanks! Well- our permits are currently for 2 years here in Canada so who knows where we’ll end up after that. Haha